Cooling W disinfection "cooling mask spray" containing ethanol and silver will be released at all loft stores on July 13! | AppBank

Cold sense W sterilization at all loft storesCoolingmaskspray]Will be released.

Cooling mask spray that makes the mask cool and comfortable

Shimura Co., Ltd. announced that it will start selling "cooling mask spray" at all loft stores from July 13th, which makes the mask cool and comfortable just by spraying.

"Cooling Mask Spray" is a spray that contains 59% natural ethanol and Ag to remove bacteria and deodorize the mask with W antibacterial effect.

It also contains refreshing menthol, natural essential oil peppermint, and eucalyptus lemon essential oil, giving you a refreshing scent of odor that mask dislikes.

The price is 1,200 yen [tax excluded]. It contains 100 ml and can be used for about 200 times.

In addition, "cooling mask spray"Shimura Co., Ltd. EC siteBut it is sold.

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