Corner of the economy 雑感【Record・column]

*09:00JST corner of the economy 雑感【Record・column] The new corona virus outbreak in the world economy is the most damage I think, only horribly not. Fortunately, at the moment in Japan, the explosive infection [overshoot]is the stave from that of the peak can be?

Unidentified damage caused by viruses in the West, the rapid expansion of I In particular, the infected number of deaths in Italy, China surpassed Spain, then to follow the situation. Even in America the number of those infected is the world largest and state of New York, such as several States in the curfew can be. The global number of those infected is 50 million, and an increase of the momentum is still stopping every not even.

Financial markets and damage the clue to the confusion that has fallen into is a well-known fact. The major countries from the emerging countries, government fiscal stimulus and Central banks coordinated easing measures one after another out of risk assets to organize the movement does not take a halt. Dow is the US President took office at the level of the temporary interrupt, the Nikkei has almost recovered from the 8000 yen, near the lower scene that is there.

However, Tokyo life,so the impending sense of urgency, can not have. The neighborhood shopping area with a narrow counter seats from a popular ramen shop, the usual Matrix. The surrounding commercial facilities, it’s pretty crowded in……. Cherry blossoms in a blue sheet to use for the Banquet no, the cherry blossoms, enjoy authentic”Cherry blossom viewing Association”modalities.

Japanese virus the number of infections at the moment, still 2000 people a month about a…… The actual number of infected people is more and more of it, to have cure,and medical professionals way too. The infected victims are still not at their peak, and never prejudge to forgive will not be the situation. Either way, for now medicine to prevent the collapse from the Western and of a big difference immediately.

Of course, the economy will restore back to just not. Lehman’s case, financial institutions will subprime loans involved had not been for Japan, the impact on the initially limited and only them. However, the subsequent global economic contraction of the spread,the corporate response to the deterioration in the domestic economy is squeezed, and eventually negative growth. And,this time the Tokyo Olympic games postponed and minus factors too.

That said, today is a virus and humanity and of war,of life and living both lives at the point and shot is different. This as violently as the world is being destroyed, so something new ideas up with. This most disastrous in the future just have a tone in the coverage, then obsessed as pessimistic you should not.

The Japanese economy after the collapse of the bubble economy,for 30 years drifting lost confidence in…… Going out of the refrain, such as Corona minimize the damage that can be”lost”from the era of the play of a loved one..

[吉池 Wei]

* They are also author’s personal view is,our view does not represent. 《SK》

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