Corona 2nd wave in Vietnam market? 【Record・column]

*09:00JST Corona 2nd wave in Vietnam market? 【Record・column] The new coronavirus deter the success of a country to international attention as that in Vietnam,one of the dead was confirmed. The victim is then also increased, and shock you. The government’s restrictive measures may be carried out again,the economic normalization of the back be fixed.

In Central Vietnam, Danang in 3 months a new type of Corona new cases were confirmed,and reported for the 7 month 24 days this was. The City factory, etc. in spread, and 428 third of those infected was 70-year-old man the 31, and the first victim was. For the next few days in 8 people in succession passed away,8 on 6 at the time of the dead 9 people. The local paper such as, and even more than 10 people severe know.

Vietnam is 1 month 23 days in the first infected person has been confirmed since about 2 months 270 people in cars increased, the government’s restrictive measures in new infections to zero and suppressed it. Hook the regime of infectious diseases experts although Hoshi was supposed to become not events, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome[SARS] lessons as a swift action out of this effect. 4 on the Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City between passenger transport will increase as economic activity gradually normalizing some.

Returning from overseas Vietnamese cases are reported 1 as of the end of subsequent new infection, and the new Corona on the containment of the successful countries from the world as a have been highly regarded all over the world. It is dead Zero was proud of, only to the feet of the situation is shocking. In the world of the number of infected people is 1800 million people, killing 70 million people approaching. In Japan even the big cities around the damage re-expansion, and Vietnam’s case is the first 2 waves as a vigilant to strengthen the hole.

The Asian economy was also a big setback for you. Vietnam’s gross domestic product[GDP] last year 10-12 month period is+6.9%, this year is a 1-3 month period of+3.8%, 4-6 month is+0.3%and,over the past 35 years the lowest level of depressed. It is also a new Corona suppression due to the economy early toward the normalization and the World Bank in 2020, Vietnam’s growth rate of+2.8%and the world’s 5th and predictable. 21 years+6%units of recovery are expected to occur in the fourth quarter.

However, a World Bank study on 7 at the end of the subsequent Corona re-expansion is taken into account or not. The future of damage depending on the situation, in the short term, with negative growth also make. On the first of the Dead is a nosocomial infection with the possibility of this. Vietnam is a severe restriction measures and quarantine in the prevention thorough instructions of health care is weak not see it. Vietnam economic and medical collapse is economic collapse, not just.

Also, the stock market is calm in. A typical stock index VN has 3 months of Corona in a crisis 650pt down, and the resumption of economic activity in the combination of gradually recovering,the temporary 900pt the vicinity again. This material is hard or Soft has continued from the corona in the face of death. Investor sentiment weighed significantly cheaper is inevitable and only have 8 months to go from a surprisingly bullish mood as well.

Hook the regime is infected with re-expansion of affected financial institutions for industry funding to blunt such instructions as quickly measures to have a…… To the administration of such confidence of the financial markets stable as.

* They are also author’s personal view is,our view does not represent.

[吉池 Wei] 《YN》

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