Corona China Smart City implementation accelerated,the mankind labor to be freed from?

The new coronavirus of the epicenter・the city of Wuhan in the cities of AI・robot・smart city reduction is rapidly being promoted. This is,for decades ahead, and the eyes had been Industrial Automation・a robot is approaching rapidly, which means that it’s possible. That is, human labor will be freed from society to ignore. you’ve been tasked with this.

【Here】Toyota and NTT are the capital Alliance,the group to challenge it? “In the foothills of Mount Fuji smart city business”

In Wuhan,from early 5G communications infrastructure, the development of AI and robots by the new technology and fully demonstrate that the environment was there. This time of lock down, EC最大手JD.com [Kyoto East], and 30 units of unmanned delivery vehicles in the city run. Medical and other important supplies to automatic shipping was. This is also the Wuhan spread of infection can stem from the factor.

Also in Wuhan,the Internet by telemedicine and inspection,the public security patrol, unmanned vehicles by food distribution and garbage collection system is implemented. Public and private sectors of huge open data, digital social governance initiatives, and AI by an infected person contact with the review application was active. In peacetime it is many years away and the new social systems that have been successful. The citizens endured 77 days of the city blockade harsh, which was the first in the world to lock down to unlock the achievements were a factor.

Now,around the world in advancing the smart city concept is a person’s effort to rely on him full auto society and is expected. In Japan, Toyota India・city and Fukushima smart city Aizu Wakamatsu in Japan, including 10 locations in steadily and still in progress.

City to a smart city becoming about the significance of this pandemic by the world of lock-down is revealed would. AI・robot labor and cities, if the infection pandemic, that would critical aging would be no problem. Society of basic labor to the AI and robots to leave it to the human life necessary service or supply limited. Therefore, each company AI・robot to simultaneously proceed to do it.

However, this is desperately the workforce providing the majority of the citizens have going for it?

This Japanese emergency support measures is seen, the Japanese workers of the harsh future is see-through, like you. The reality of small and medium-sized companies working capital is ensuring that no subsidies for individuals in also cannot wait for people starting out. Corona by bear the heavy pressure from the National, How to feed from the government, the immediate answer is, the forced contact with me. [Articles:TO・The article list to look at]

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