Corona expansion and prolonged, the listed company’s sales and profit impact of 1 trillion yen, Tokyo Shoko Research survey

Tokyo Shoko Research is 27, the listed companies”new type of corona virus”the effect of the survey version was announced. Occurred in China a new type of coronavirus spread of infection and prolonged due to the decreased of listed companies, turnover and profits the total amount of each JPY 1 trillion beyond.

【Here】The new corona, the listed company to the influence of the 2 assigned manufacturing 3 crack retail such as domestic demand related to the spread

All listed companies 3,778 companies about 20% of the 765 companies in the virus information to disclose,out of these 135 companies downward revision, etc. of the specific figures presented. More and more companies are impact concerns about the number of finalized is difficult, and the earnings impact in the future,at the moment announced a number significantly above the expected.

China・Wuhan city in the last 12 months occurred in the new type of coronavirus, the world’s 183 countries and regions in the infected person is confirmed,the number of those infected is 64 million is exceeded. The virus was the source of China 3 early more infected people there was an increase in the number of mild on the other hand, in the West of the damage is still rapidly expanding. AFP is 28 days and according to statistics,the United States and Italy in the number of infections that is already in the Chinese mainland exceeded,Italy and Spain in the number of fatalities in the Chinese mainland exceeded.

The last few days and the infected person increase the pace is the fastest in the USA is 27, the economic stimulus as the largest 2. $ 2 trillion of Economic Measures Bill was passed. In Japan, Prime Minister Abe 28 evening, as part of the economic policy package, the cash benefits to conduct and representations. The weak consumption and the unemployed, the expansion of worldwide concern, and governments in the economic policy of the plan for hanging.

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Shoko Research, the new coronavirus to disclose information on listed companies was 765, the company’s own investigation in the effects of the virus turned out listed companies, 18 companies, about the impact of the content and scale of the latest situation announced.

Disclosure of information for the 765 companies that make the reduction of such concrete figures of 135 companies, the decrease in total revenue is 1 trillion 1,944 billion yen,profit of 1 trillion 1,17.7 billion yen. Also, the 292 companies”impact under scrutiny””the impact made difficult as we do not reflect,”etc., and the corporate performance to the actual impact amount is 1 trillion yen is based on the and guess.

By industry, the manufacturing industry has 317 companies, most in the service sector of the 117 companies, the retail sector 110 company continued,at the present time have been found to influence number of companies based in if you saw these 3 sectors to focus on have. On the other hand, transportation in the number of companies that 28 companies with less movement restriction of the impacts is large, for example, the Star Flyer is 25 to 41 billion yen from a financial institution new to borrowing working capital to be appropriated and announced. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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