Corona expansion in overseas M&A tightened the movement of China the acquisition by Vigilance Japanese companies to headwinds also

7, The Japan External Trade Organization [JETRO]is the”area・analysis report”published. The EU and Australia, India, etc in overseas M&A for regulating the movement spread,the new corona virus the effect of the value of the company under Companies,foreign companies acquired the possibility yet.

【Here】New Corona related to the management of the course is 128 my confidence has also significantly worse followed

Mainly Chinese companies, the acquisition by concern for the movement, to make overseas M&A help to Japanese companies and headwinds and such. M&A brokerage companies, or management strategy, overseas M&A to listed companies that affect it.

■The EU and the United States Industries Limited regulations

The report, the first regulations on the take of the EU only. 3 month 19 days”CODIV-19 of the epidemic for economic policy”, announced the health and medical care related to strategic industries for the acquisition of the more rigorous examination to be conducted.

Industries to limited regulation in Spain,Canada, the United States is similarly performed. Security and public order from the viewpoint of the examination and their own people to the detriment acquisitions to prevent aim there.

■Australia and India in industries not limited to regulations

Industries including, but not limited to, more stringent regulations of Australia and India.

In Australia the investment regulations had been made. General investment is 2 billion 7,500 million Australian dollars,in the agricultural field 6,000 million Australian dollars or more of foreign investment from the judging criteria, and have 3 on 29 eliminated.

India has it, Pakistan, and Bangladesh from the company of the acquisition against pre-authorization was looking for. 4 month 18 days in the investment policy change in India contact with all of its neighbors to target. The acquisition of the subject are the neighboring residents,or citizens can be regulated well.

■Acquisition of those who assume the Chinese enterprises from

India’s regulatory region of the expansion in China is subject to regulations contained in this. Local media in China by the company acquisition were wary of media coverage seems to have been.

India and other countries in Chinese companies in their acquisition of the company is concerned and this would. Chinese companies corona virus the impact of the decrease in value was to acquire one or more companies about the possibility,many in the media coverage seems to have been.

■Overseas M&A regulations Japanese companies overseas M&A strategy backfiring

Governments are the main acquirers to Chinese companies and assumes the company nationality only reason to regulate is difficult. The WTO rules to be”accorded”to the anti-may be for you. Overseas M&A regulatory subject is to some extent extensive, it is assumed that Japanese companies have on it.

Overseas M&A strategy in position that Japanese companies are not few. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry according to the survey, Tokyo, Osaka company of 7% or more, and Fukuoka Corporate about 4% of the overseas M&A experience and answers to.

This regulations in overseas M&A screening of the prolonged over a period of time is assumed. M&A brokerage companies and overseas M&A to corporate strategy and company performance note that you would need. [Article: financial planner・Wakayama, Takuya・The article list to look at]

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