Corona ominous emerged in a Ghost restaurant, the cloud kitchen is

Japan’s”delivery”of the history of the old. The middle of the Edo Period back to said it. Now the flow to say”delivery”. As is well known in the corona and the ominous influence of the food and beverage industry in succession for their team.

【Here】The scope of the broad in, we were informed

In restaurants and consumers to tie to cost is”Uber Eats,”and the”Demae-Kan”, such as online food delivery service. The global demand is actually Corona ominous than previous growth trends had shown.

Eating out・Meal Market Information Service”CREST@”delivered to N computer security・part of the last 4 months of”eating out・meal survey report”is the 2018 delivery market is 4084 billion, year-on-year 5. 9%increase. The corona ominous. An increasing trend is gathering a momentum that is easily imaginable. The Android version of the player, the”Ghost restaurant””cloud kitchen”called there too.

“Ghost restaurant”the operation of the operators stores do not have. Specifically described below,has the kitchen only.

The “cloud kitchen”is operated by the operators to do the operator and independent testing before Marketing want to cook in such a kitchen to rent out.

Ghost restaurants”Ghost Kitchens[Ghost kitchen] is”to operate a Ghost and many restaurants in the Institute last year, on January 1, began operation. Tokyo, Meguro-ku located in a residential district multi-tenant building on the 2nd floor of the kitchen between the rent. 1 years later now commercial 500 million yen to reach. “Chicken over rice””salad bowls””soup””hot and sour soup””salad with chicken box lunch””the[tofu dish]””Tom Yum Kung [Thai food]”is shipping to.

The real estate industry in the eyes of the gathering of the cloud kitchen.

For example, Office・stores, etc., renovation of 得手 and contractor[building trade], but the 7 on the cloud from the kitchen,”Our Kitchens”of deployment planned. In the No. 1 store in Minato-ku, Tokyo・platinum options can be determined. Year multiple locations set up that plan.

Food and beverage industry of the cook-house and store at a certain position is reached, further on eyeing independence as it did the previous year. But,opening a restaurant just 1 year at 5% is closed,5 years at 9% is closed to be told.

The store opened on the initial cost. Capital is less severe. From this opening, people who want to test marketing and to specialize in people, or off-site and cooking to a hobby and after retirement to challenge those who want to just focus on that.

The neck also. For example fees. Such service providers and consumers to one platform or brokerage fee earnings as a to. For example, the real estate industry in the rental space of the platform Commission is about 3%. Delivery service fee 4% of the basic line by.

Plays a”Ghost restaurant””cloud kitchen”is a roots feel. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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