Corona ominous of a Salesman,”the digital advantage”7 assigned to System missing in the inter-enterprise gap

The new corona virus infection outbreak in Japan of digital to realize that said. People of contact with the 8% reduction goal emergency Declaration has been issued 4 months later,many in the workplace telecommuting was introduced, and the school is remote received the work is performed, such as interpersonal contact to avoid that as a tool over the Internet of digital tools available is expanding.

In various fields of digital tools/systems, use of are tried,face-to-face contact with the base and sales at the digital usage promotion is a big challenge.

Sales system development leading to the label field in the corona and the ominous in the sales of digital promoting utilization and attitude changes related to investigation,11 month 25 days,the summary report is made public.

According to reports, the”digital tools and data, etc., take advantage of, so that you can ask,”the result is,”you can take advantage of that,”replied The Who the proportion of 65 percent. Industry communication and information・processing industry, 97% of the most high, and the different forms on the outside of the new business development sales 78 percent higher, industry or operating activities depending on the form of variation seems to have.

Corona ominous in the digital utilization, the importance of”higher”and the answer to who is 85%reach, but the reason I heard about the result,”customers face-to-face sales difficulties,”which was the 52%is the highest, followed by”in-house employees for telecommuting environment it was necessary to”44.2%and continue. Or,”the customer is working at home from”why and who is also 36. 6%to.

Currently incorporating digital technology is not advanced reason,”industry and organizational form digital use it”is 26%and the most high, and the”salesperson of the missing”25%and continue. In the field of lack of preparation,lack of coordination also digitized inhibition factor seems to have become.

Future intentions about the”corona end even after aggressively advancing”is 36%,”now and similar use”is 35%, especially in the”management・Executive officers class”in 47%and high, the management layer and management positions such as the position is high WHO the most active,or a sense of crisis, a strong trend of the people.

Corona ominous in the overall digital work is all about effective communication, and digital utilization to the willingness of some companies by the temperature difference can be seen. The report is the”company-wide digital literacy and understanding, which may help improve the workplace in the digital utilization, the temperature difference between the without this data”have pointed out that. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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