Corona-related failure of 324 cases to achieve the reconstruction without liquidation type of bankruptcy where the majority of Tokyo Shoko Research

Tokyo Shoko Research has 11, China’s development・the new corona virus infection because of a broken domestic operators number of 1 week to 15 increase 324 I reached and announced. In a single month the most ever was 6 months 103 million below the space, the catering and accommodation industry centered on a failure the operator is unending. Tokyo is 9 days more than 3 days in a row the new number of infected people is more than 200, such as the risk of infection to a sense of vigilance increases, course operators, many of reconstruction abandoned the liquidation-type insolvency[bankruptcy, etc.] that you have selected.

【Here】2020 the first half of the restaurants bankruptcy is 398 reviews,record pace to the Teikoku Databank survey

Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that,from 9 to 11 a day for 3 consecutive days 1 day number of new infections exceed 200 for. 3 consecutive days of 200 people over for the first time, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and neighboring areas around the infection risk to guard against being again growing.

5 days was re-elected to Koike, Tokyo Metropolitan Governor has 10 days,those who test positive surge of the city at night, mainly inspection the number to increase as explained above,the medical establishment is working to emphasize a point. Also, the infected are young people from the elderly to expand critical increases risk is a concern in Tokyo, is young people for social responsible actions called for.

The government is 10, the economic support measures as part of the preparation for the”Go To event”of the business overview presentation. 22 after the date of travel you book as even in a campaign of targeted. On the same day, the new coronavirus infection to the effect of the expected remedy for a bit about the gun-validation was pursued Fujita Medical University, the number of patients having effectiveness could not be verified and announced. Yet effective drugs in no,early in the economic recovery, the figure for the government to spread some of the policies,some local authorities from the exhortation is out.

New corona virus in the world of the cumulative number of infected people is rice, the Johns Hopkins University Summary According to the Japan time 11 to 4 PM time points at 1,249 million more than the dead, the number is 56 million exceeded. Most recent 1 Week, and 1 day of the world the number of new infections about 20 million people and last from 18 million to further increase. America [the previous week compared to 39 million increase], Brazil [the 27 million increase], India [the 18 million increase] in the rate of infection increase is noticeable.

Country-specific cumulative number of infected people, the American 318 million super led, Brazil 180 million people, India 82 million, Russia 71 million, Peru 31 million people, Chile 30 million,UK 28 million people in Mexico, 28 million people in Spain, 25 million people, Iran 25 million people, South Africa, 25 million people will follow. The global pandemic was the cause of China, Beijing is part of the vigilance continues, but the other almost all regions in the corona before being back to life.

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research is a new coronavirus related to management course operators number of aggregated. 10 October 17:00 at 324 reached, of which 257 were liabilities 1,000 million of voluntary liquidation is not legal analysis. Industry is located mainly in the Tokyo Metropolitan area to the guests of the fall, followed by catering and 51 and more, travel・travel of self-restraint will affect the accommodation sector and 40, apparel and 40 continues. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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