Corona-related failure of a 335 on 4 minutes 1 in Tokyo Tokyo Shoko Research

Tokyo Shoko Research is on the 17th,Wuhan, China city development・a new corona virus infection is a major cause broken domestic operators number of a cumulative total of 335 cases reached and announced. 7 month 17 date and time point in 41 cases, and more than 100 for the previous month, below the pace, while still maintained at a high level.

【Here】20 in the first half of the number of bankruptcies,11 years to increase the accommodation industry and catering, etc stand out

Course operators the overwhelming number of cases in Tokyo is the largest domestic consumption also. New infections due to an increased number of out of voluntary restraint is again increasing, Go To a travel business from the outside, but also catering and accommodation industry, mainly in the tough business conditions of prolonged the inevitable.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that, from 16 to 3 consecutive days 1 day number of new infections is 280 people beyond. New infections increase in the number of inspection number increase due to that as well, Saitama and Kanagawa, such as the neighboring County in infected people is increasing, and also severe high-risk elderly to infection and becoming more widely,a sense of vigilance is strong. The Metropolitan area located among businesses, the emergency Declaration lifted after telecommuting from the office system to back again Home Office switch to which the movement spread.

Tokyo is 15, the alert level to the highest level raised. Or,continue at night of city-related entities,conduct of the examination recommended by the posture maintaining. On the other hand, can handle a lot of financial resources to expenditure, there was a closed request is delving not. In such circumstances, the government 17 days in Tokyo and neighboring 3 prefectures of the Governor for the infection prevention measures from the tavern, etc. for the leave request as a notification. The government and municipalities and between the cost of the tug of war continues.

New corona virus in the world of the cumulative number of infected people is rice, the Johns Hopkins University Summary According to the Japan time 18 days afternoon 4 time points in the 1,410 people more than the dead, the number of 60 million is exceeded. 1 day the world of the number of new infections continues to increase, the most recent 1 Week at about 23 million and last week of 20 million from a further increase. America [the previous week compared with 46 million increase], Brazil [the 24 million increase], India [the 21 million increase] from South Africa[the same 8 million increase], Mexico [the 5 million increase] in the rate of infection increase is noticeable.

Country-specific cumulative number of infected people, the American 364 million super, led by Brazil 204 million, India 103 million, Russia 75 million people, Peru 34 million people, South Africa, 33 million people, Mexico is 33 million people, Chile 32 million people in Britain, 29 million people, Iran 26 million followed. Infection the epicenter of China 16 days, 4~6 month of GDP, announced the growth rate compared to the same period last year 3. 2% increase in 2nd quarter play by. Other countries ahead of the economic recovery, which shows the situation for the consumption of the return is delayed to the point exposed for.

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research is a new coronavirus related to management course operators number of aggregated. 17 October 17:00 at 335 reached,of these 269 were liabilities 1,000 million of voluntary liquidation is not legal analysis. Course number the whole of about 1/4 to 83 were in Tokyo to have occurred. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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