Corona-related failure of a 350 I still remained at a high level to Tokyo Shoko Research

Tokyo Shoko Research are 22, China’s development・the new coronavirus infection of the affected course[the debt 1,000 million]domestic operator number, but at the end of last week by up to 15 increase, with a total of 350 was reached and announced. 7 month 22 date in 56 reached,exceeded 100. for 6 months less although still maintained at a high level.

【Here】Apparel listed 24 companies of 6 months sales the year-on-year rate of change in the network such as 9 companies to the Teikoku Databank survey

The domestic economy is the emergency Declaration and the County straddles the move of self-restraint is released from the recovery tended to be, the 2 waves to be wary of the spread while the economic Outlook is Outlook not the situation. Course is 10 or more raised regions,Tokyo and Osaka, is not limited to the 9 prefectures was enlarged.

Of Tokyo, according to the announcement, the city is 25th in 17 consecutive days in more than 100 new cases have been identified. Neighboring Saitama Prefecture and Kanagawa Prefecture, as Osaka and Aichi prefectures in the number of those infected is rapidly increasing. Infected individuals, accounting for the proportion of young people continue to be, many of them had reduced critical the number of increase, but the healthcare system is constrained to the risk concerned.

Corona is weakened, the recovery of the economy aimed at the government’s measures”Go To label”is 22 days to start. On the other hand, recent infection status, such as from Tokyo to wear for the trip at the last minute excluded,Metropolitan area part of the property or cancel the SOS. Also, 4 Day weekend the first day of the 23 days across the country 1 day the number of those infected became a record high of Tokyo Koike Governor, such as some of the Chiefs go outside unless to refrain from. Catering and accommodation industry most susceptible to the operators, mainly from the recession to break out is still a substantial time-consuming.

New corona virus in the world of the cumulative number of infected people is rice, the Johns Hopkins University Summary According to the UTC 25 October and 4 PM time points at 1,573 million over the dead, the number of 63 million is exceeded. 1 day the world of the number of new infections is about 23 million,I Week well maintained. America, Brazil, India, South Africa, and the rate of infection increase is noticeable.

Country-specific cumulative number of infected people of America 411 million super, led by Brazil 228 million in India, 133 million, Russia 79 million,South Africa 42 million, Mexico 37 million, Peru 37 million people, Chile 34 million people in the UK, 29 million people followed.

The worldwide pandemic that caused the China on the 24th, Sichuan province, Chengdu city to US Consulate General of establishment and operation permission revoke the announced. The USA is 21 in Texas, Houston, China Consulate General demanding the closure of this countermeasure only. The world is Corona infectious diseases caught up in the,between the United States and China tensions are higher than ever.

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research is a new coronavirus related to management course operators number of aggregated. 22 October 17:00 at the 350 reached, and of these 283 were liabilities 1,000 million of voluntary liquidation is not legal analysis. The food & beverage industry,apparel[manufacturing and retail] and the lodging industry continue to stand out. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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