Corona shock after 3 months in the international stock of the situation in the prequel

The Chinese source, and 2 from mid-to late-began the new corona virus pandemic is quickly spread around the world, the stock market is black and the Lehman shock that surpasses most of the crash being hit by.

【Here】Corona shock even in the unabated private investors of the long-term product investment

It is the pandemic from as early as 3 months later in Japan and other developed countries, and the BRICs and other emerging economies of the stock market what will the world look like I wonder. International stock index all you want.

Incidentally, the basis for comparison is the daily chart of EMA25 and EMA75, and the EMA line of the stock is over or under from the strength of a classification as well. EMA[exponential moving average] lines,equity investments and technical indicators of 1, the recent share price movement of the share price shows the average value of. The EMA25 the past 25 business days average and that was it.

First, 5 on 15 June,the American Day of mourning Sunday,EMA75 under the EMA25 about and below the position. Economic resumption and expectations 2 the infection to anxiety, and between, public opinion is antagonistic to the state the stock price reflected that and more. However, EMA75 the bottom of the stock that there is still a strong movement, it is difficult to say that situation.

Then, the Japanese stock average, the EMA75 and under, and EMA25 and on. American Most infection, the damage is not serious and that the emergency Declaration part of the release by the economic resumption is expected the last of the stock, pushing up the American than the stock is strong.

In Europe the UK and Germany,EMA75 from the bottom, EMA25 and under, Canada, near movement can. It’s Italy’s recovery is delayed, and EMA25 for as far away.

Deaths in Europe in much of Italy, the most characteristic for the aging society by the mortality rate is pushed up people, and economic activity to the early resumption of the concern is the foot is much than only that.

Also in Europe, America and Japan, than the recovery is slow to reason, and think that the UK leaving the EU problem. The UK and the EU and trade negotiations 12 by the end of the end need,the corona virus is rampant, the economy is impoverished circumstances, difficult to steer around you. [Part II to follow][Post:小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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