Corona shock summary and this from the equity investment part

The new coronavirus of the 2nd wave there have been concerns that the Metropolitan area can,protect the lives and economy of running a wedged about the world of dilemma and continues to be. Among them, 6 on 5 November, published in the American employment report in 5 months of unemployment 13. 3%, unemployment of around 20% expected the market to groups was. After the war was the worst 4 months of 14. 7%from radically improving trend and you.

【Here】Corona shock in mutual Fund is safe from

This is the American government is about 72 trillion yen, a huge framework of small and medium-sized businesses of employee salaries to the shoulder instead to the unusual of the funds have gone to gifts and such. This framework will function correctly if you immediately dismiss employees who has no reason to be. But the layoff from employment apply also to the acceptable for,at least American small businesses,battered by us that the state can avoid or not.

On the other hand,Japan also start a small business to support starting. SME access to rent subsidy and leave allowance payments to support employment adjustment of gold increased minutes as it was. But this support, the procedure is cumbersome because of how popular or unknown, on the so-called”fresh water[only one]”said that the Japanese government’s direct spending is less present, however.

The nation of 10 million yen direct benefit is also spare the image of you,American or German like children and the behavior and not the reason why Japan is in fact in financial difficulties and aspects, of course there will be.

That’s the situation in Japan, is a leading apparel manufacturer of software for”Corona bankruptcy”continues, and the halt from your state. Corona piggyback on your bankruptcy but also Corona bankruptcy is 6 Months 1 day at the time of the nationwide the 200 broke through and made an emergency Declaration after release, even in dire Straits continue to be industries that are more present. On the other hand,the corona special order, most benefit from all growing industries and also not.

The future of the stock market to reinvest when we think about the corona virus is in dire Straits IT industry,not influenced by industry, and the corona surge in growth industries to organize and would. [Article: 小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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