Corona the 2nd wave of the symptom, or”restaurants to visit”is again a downward trend

The new coronavirus ominous still,the dark clouds Japan as an empty covering. Article writing[7 May 15]in Tokyo, the new number of infected people for 7 consecutive days over 100 [16 days is a record of the number of people updating]. This situation on the occasion of the”2nd wave invasion”theory into question rumors have been swirling that. “Tokyo problems”[Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide]VS”national policy for the scope”[小池百合子 tonight]was done, the anxiety wiped out have fuelled the.

【Here】The new corona,the Japanese 6% of the”2nd wave”and”economic trends”concerned about 8% are still”going out to be vigilant”

The virus scourge of convergence as well as economic regeneration—and that national policy is truly happen. New strains of influenza such as special measures law by the”emergency Declaration”recur to the decree and, if the national policy is a big wall course that.

Issued if you already experience only by”going out voluntarily request””School・Cinema・Theater such as the use of limited・stop”such as local governments at the discretion of the will be. Bite speaking at the official announcement release before the back.

I will say that it is the companies from”the recovery trend was in the restaurant of the store number is declining trend”and that the contents,data you submitted. Premium fine dining restaurants from the tavern about 1 million bound to”reservation/customer Ledger management system[the○R]”developed and sold.

Delivered data by the year 2020, 1 on Week 3[13th-19th] from 7 on the 2nd Week [6 to 12]until 26 weeks of the visit, number of people,each year the same week compared to the aggregated one.

These trends have become. Emergency Declaration issued [4 months, 7 days]a week for the same period of the previous year, weeks compared to 10. 91%. 翌々週 to 7. 16%down.

Then the obvious started to show signs of recovery of the emergency Declaration clears [5 on 25th] for a week. 25.30%back. Then 6 Months 29 days starting in Week 55. 79%, with over half of most in recovery. But it is 7 months 6 days 12 days from a week to 3 Weeks 50%to interrupt that[49.93%]. Tokyo of new infections number of 6 consecutive days of over 100 per overlap.

Training in data dissemination, combined with this view to note that.

The and double”recovery was and has been on a decline. Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture only the previous week increased otherwise it is decreased by”. Also”usually the Monday of the visit the number of people down for the weekend and gradually increase the weekend peak on Sunday of the visit the number of people greatly depressed. The number of those infected increased impact that could be”.

Thinking like the consumers is”Tokyo of the new number of infected people increased”and from the trend,”the 2nd wave features started to”say that.

Emergency redeclaration is mind’s worst disease.”巣籠 life”means. Don’t want to. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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