Corona went out of business consideration of small and medium enterprises 1 allocated business time”within 1 year”is half

The new coronavirus infection of emergency Declaration and self-restraint,leave request, etc., by the economic aftermath is coming out. Tokyo Commerce and industry research for each Business Day published”the new corona virus related to a failure situation, according to the”debt-to-1000 million yen or more a new type of Corona-related business course number is already about 400 to retroactively and in Tokyo more than 100 that situation. Legal proceedings do not get out of business,mom-and-pop vendors out of business, including if you breakdown the number is even greater than that.

The monthly trends seen 2 month 2 Day,3 month 22 from the emergency Declaration has been issued for 4, 5 months is 80 out of units to surge in a 6 month single month most of 103 cases occurred. 7 months is 80 out and out, the funding support measures have a certain effect, and food and beverage・retailers, such as normal sales return to customers to recover the signs for the factors used. However, Tokyo is once again opening hours regulations to be implemented, such as the common food and beverage industry, particularly in the tourism sector, struggle continues,the future number of failures occur.

3 days in Tokyo Commerce and industry research 7 at the end of the month of”going out of business in the survey(Flash Report)”Summary Report is made public. According to reports,”Corona and the ominous termination of the prolonged case, the”out of business”(all operations closed)to consider the possibility is there”and heard the results,”you replied,”the proportion of companies 6. 6%,”Not”is 93. Was 4%.

Capital of different scale and with capital of 1 billion yen or more in a large company”to”is 0. 8%was for the capital to 1 billion yen small and medium enterprises and sole proprietorship, etc. is 7. 7 percent and 1 percent, reaching a size by 9 times or more inequalities that exist. And capital strength to spare is not a small business or sole proprietorship in the store went out of business, consider the benefits pain management is followed by the appearance of the people.

“Out of business”consider the possibility”that,”replied the operator”out of business consider that when I ask,”as a result, The”within 1 year”is 44. 9%, the scale that large companies 33. 3% for small and medium・sized businesses-the sole proprietorship is 45. 1%and about nearly half have reached.

Small businesses・sole proprietorship”about the business consider the time to”see the details of the”1 months”is 0. 47%,”2 to 3 months”is 1. 64%,”4 ~ 6 months”14.29%,”7~12 months,”28.81%,”13~24 months,”34.43%,”25 months or more”, 20.37%, and 24 months(2 years)at 8 percent, reaching”this is a 2 year no”and believes the management of the majority seems. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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