Coronavirus ominous and mask

5 on 19 June,guests on”the mask”is not received. Is, area of retail merchandisers in I Price the mask is available to the state, so the inconvenience is not felt.

【Here】Elderly employment and corona virus

But, the more I think. The corona problem and the ominous in the Abe administration of”sense of speed you”pointed out that, innovation, and mask the”fault mask/validation costs 8 billion””easy to reach”, such as its symbolism is an example, and so. Also”mask”some of the most 世上 on the topic of on the, and.

Contrary to what many believe would be the”wind blows: making situations, Editing landscapes”with a sewing machine industry”sudden tail wind”as. For example drive sales:drive sales of 2-3 months number of orders received year on year 3% increase or so. “Homemade mask”is the background to this is,this fact is apparent also from the.

I also drive sales in search of a mask with pattern you can download there is a site that confirmed that. It is the view of the site, the number of 3 month from the 4 early 5 million. Year-to-year comparison approximately 500 times that. We drive sales”in the 4 months since the site number is the year-on-year 2. 5 times the United States, brother [industrial] with additional ordered”and.

Janome sewing machines, dish. 3 March-4 early sewing machine sales compared with the same period of the previous year to about 2 surcharge for that.

But both companies,before the 3 month period of earnings is a”gust”effect is observed. The former is the”6.8%decline in sales, 6.4% sales decline”,the latter”6.9%decrease,0.7%sales increase”from both”corona virus and the ominous impact of the forecasts without”as we plan to undecided as that.

Just the mask”culture”to Europe are also rooted it today,and look around with the corona virus and the ominous in the mask is”must of”was a case shows that there is no shortage. For example—

Cosmetics and health food e-Commerce companies in the promotional support for the company, lady four games there. The mask shortage is not all that in 3 months all of a sudden,some useful services you can think about”最安在庫.com”[online shopping site in mask of the inventory and the purchase amount from the information website]was launched.

On a site is a major sales company of mask information in the aggregate have been published. Information is 1 Times 1 Times updated,Always 5000~1 million has been posted. Site established from 1 and a half months too, and the user is in total 100 million people have gone beyond that.

This fiscal year a significant overall deficit and the investment business of the”future”has been the focus of attention for the Softbank Group,from a combination of China Shenzhen car maker:BYO partnership with the”monthly production of 3 million pieces of space mask to supply”and the news also jumped out.

The new corona virus as a prophylactic hydroxy lock and key[anti-malarial drugs]to take say, around the”mask”told Trump the President’s mask, the Figure 1 degree from See. As a side note—[article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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