Corporate advertising costs,8 percent more than last year less than half of the reduction in Schedule 6 allocation

The new corona virus infection in the effects of the economy continue to stagnate. Initially the tourism or events industry, entertainment industry demand, mainly from the loss of living,self-restraint went on for a longer period of economic stagnation in the whole industry to spill over as. The recession continued corporate funding is also tight advertising budget to impact even bigger as well.

Market research industry of the Grill is 4 to late advertising, etc., of personnel 334 name intended for company advertising practices changes to the survey, the results on the 11th published.

The results, according last year”as compared to 4 months of advertising any circumstances test”for”decrease”and answers were representative of the proportion is 63. 5%,”no change”is 29. 9%,”increase”is 6. 6%and over 6% company advertising costs there was a reduction seems.

“Decrease”and the answer to those who”reduced the extent of”I heard the result,”100 percent”of 32. 1%,”75%decrease”is 34. 9%,”50%decrease”is 18. 4%,”25%decrease”is 14. 6%and more than 50%, there was a decrease of companies 85. 4% of,75%or more of 67. 0%and 3 minutes of 2 accounted for.

Sales for a different look, 1001 billion more than sales of companies and more than 75% of the decrease of the company is 36. 6%, but the 301 billion yen to 1,000 billion yen of the companies at 64. 3%, such as 1 billion yen to 1,000 billion yen of the companies at 3 min of the 2 companies in more than 75% of the budget cuts has been performed. 1 billion yen or less companies is 75%or more reduction of 83. 1 percent, with smaller companies most advertising costs a lot more seems to be reduced by.

The types of ads in different online advertising in more than 75% decrease in percentage of firms is 59. 9%, offline advertising is 64. 6% event・seminar 72. 0%, and self-restraint is being carried out event・seminar, at the most reduction rate is high,then offline advertising, and even online advertising in a significant reduction as well.

The future of the advertising and promotion prospective, the”further budget cuts prompted to think,”is 59. 0 percent 6 percent for,”the current budget, which lasts for a while and think,”36.8%,”this from the budget is increasing and think,”4.2%, and while the advertising budget cuts continue to be so.

5 months later of the policy about”a new advertising technique tackle”is 72. 2%, with a coronal end goal is not to stand in the cost-effective consideration of new advertising techniques to explore take more and more companies seem. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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