crash! Miracle recovery from 4 surgeries. Yoshio Otsubo Legend | Racing Driver Otsubo Vol.1

Former racer Yoshio Otsubo revived like a phoenix from the bottom of his disappointment.

It was when I was riding a Toyota 7 [3L] in a simulated race for the "68 Japan Grand Prix" [March 29, 68] and was running a 30-degree bank of Fuji Speedway [FISCO].

The upper arm broke, the tire came off, the cowl blew off, and the machine was swept to the front of the Yokoyama corner.

I closed my eyes.

It was the moment of the crash when Otsubo was prepared to die.

I have achieved miraculous recovery from 4 operations.

In addition, I have seen many deaths in business.

What was the reason why Otsubo got down the work of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.?

From there, let's open up the story of Otsubo.

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▽ "NET Speed ​​Cup" on August 10, 1969 [formerly Nippon Education TV, current TV Asahi sponsor], Toyota drivers stayed at "Susashikan" for practice.

While Hiroshi Koushida and Otsubo were playing around as boxing managers, a bottle entered Otsubo's chest at the counter.

Funashida has no ill intentions.

Next day, when Otsubo ran through a bank with a Toyota 7, he suffered severe pain that he could not bear.

“ When I was riding a Toyota Sports 800 in the final round of the All-Japan Drivers Championship on November 20, 1966, Yoshifumi Kikura, the leader of the ranking, crashed because he had a spin on the Honda S800 and broke 10 ribs. did.

However, even then, I was able to contract with Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. despite severe injury.

So I thought this injury wouldn't be a big deal compared to before. ''
I will go to the police hospital in Yokohama City [currently Keiyu Hospital].

Otsubo drove himself by driving a Toyota 1600 GT supplied by Toyota.

After taking an X-ray, the ribs were cracked and the doctor advised me, "You should stop this" NET Speed ​​Cup Race "."

Otsubo reported to the upper management, "I have some cracks in my ribs, but it's fine."

First, Otsubo was supposed to ride on Toyota 7, but suddenly, Funashirokoda was on board.

It was announced by Toyota that it had been replaced due to Otsubo's health reasons.

The most disappointing was Minoru Kawai.

Ever since it became Works, my dream was to run with my senior Otsubo.

It ended up as an unrealistic dream.

In the "NET Speed ​​Cup" qualifying, Toyota Funashida 7 won the pole position at 1'51.77.

钙 子 田 is 2nd in heat 1 and wins 2nd in heat 1 and holds Kawai 2nd overall to win overall victory.

Funashida was blessed by Ogawa Rosa [who married Minoru Kawai in 1970] who appeared in a commercial for Maruzen Gasoline [currently Cosmo Oil].

However, the tragedy opposite to the joy of Funakoda occurs in Otsubo.

Otsubo decided to drop off this "NET Speed ​​Cup" after discussing with some of the upper-level staff, but the report was a dragonfly and the ear of Tokyo Toyopet Service Officer Makoto Yuge [later Toyopet Service Center President]. entered in.

Yuge was an officer with the power to greatly influence the race.

"I don't participate in Otsubo.

Otsubo is cheeky. "

Two Toyota 7s were brought to FISCO on August 13th, three days after the "NET Speed ​​Cup" was held.

Hiroyuki Hosoya and Hiroyuki Kushida were on board one, and Kawayuki and Hiroyuki Hisaki who had just transferred from Daihatsu were on the other.

Ōtsubo, who also healed the cracks on his ribs, participated in the practice just before "69 Japan Grand Prix".

"Jiro Kono and Eizo Ikeda [Team Toyota Race Consultant] call me in the minibus and say," I can't compete in the Japan Grand Prix because my face shows death. "

At the moment I heard it, I suddenly felt blood, saying, "I have no choice but to quit Works."

It was a pride for me to get off the machine.

Immediately I jumped on the light blue crown and kept crying out loud from "Gotemba IC" to "Tokyo IC" and my shirt got soaked with tears. "
At this time, teammate Toshiaki Takahashi was listening to Otsubo, who had just come out of the minibus.

"I have quarreled with Mr. Kono.

I stopped it because it came to my head. "

This is one of the reasons Otsubo quit the driver of Toyota Motor Works.

As Otsubo was the technical director of the movie "Hairpin Circus", he will embark on a full-scale movie production.

This DVD is currently on sale from King Records.

Hiroshi Funako was the winner of the "NET Speed ​​Cup," which Otsubo was unable to play due to a crack in his ribs. The 15th car, Funashida Toyota 7, starting from 2nd place in the 2nd heat.

Publication: Nostalgic Hero October 2011 issue vol.147 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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