Create Porsche as one "work" without following the rules | What is the restore method?

This articleA special one revived in modern times! │ Porsche 911R made in the United States]Is continued.

Rods still adhere to the tradition. Emory Motorsport, which opened in 1996, has gained popularity as a shop that offers imagination-rich modification while having the ability to restore in competitions. "We create outlaws and special models for our fans who understand and agree with our approach. If we want to do it, we can do a restore for the competition delegation, but we are not interested in that kind of work There aren't many other stores that do that kind of restore in the first place. "

The Emory family is also known for being prolific. Since the early 1980s, he has already produced about 150 356-based outlaws. And as a natural flow, we now deal with the early 911.

"The 911 has the potential to be modified in as many styles as the 356, and the 356 sometimes has a newer model suspension, but the 911 doesn't have to. After working on about 10 911s, I never felt the need to do that, I think it's a really great platform. "

This is not a superficial tune-up, but a restore in the original sense. All outlaws are once stripped naked and checked for body shells for rust or damage. The 1967 911S, introduced here, has been spent most of the years in the bleak areas of Oregon, but in very good condition. However, there are not many things that are used in original bodywork. Fenders, bumpers and bonnet are made of fiberglass. And later in the era, the combination of the aluminum engine hood makes it closer to the Bauer-produced 911R bodywork.

The desire to respect the original is also reflected in the round two-light taillights on the left and right, the oil filler cap on the right rear fender, and the fuel cap attached through the bonnet. It was extremely difficult to find such parts. The rod confides.

"About 10% of the entire car will be made from scratch, but if you can get it, we will use original parts manufactured at the factory or the highest quality reproduction parts. But we spend a lot of time trying to get the perfect fit. ''

Restoring bodywork alone takes nine months, but at the same time the internal mechanisms are replaced with appropriate parts. Examples include reinforced stabilizers and torsion bars, front strut tower bars for Elephant Racing, removable roll bars, and Koni adjustable dampers that are more tarmac than Porsche envisions. The hooks wheel restored by California specialist Harvey Weedman is also a perfect match for the 911R.

"Each piece has a theme that goes through the whole thing," Rod says. "Some of the items are a bit old-fashioned, but they're all about asking yourself," What if you had a Porsche? " We have the experience that our family has cultivated at restore. ''

Rebuilding the engine is one of the few things that we do not do internally. Rod also has a wide range of specialists in fields that he does not specialize in, and he commissioned Dick Elvrud, a renowned engine builder, to make a replacement for the 901/22 unit on the 911R. Its specifications are unusual, with a displacement of 2.5 liters instead of the original 2.0 liters, combined with a twin plug to deliver 230 bhp. This power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a cross ratio gearbox and a limited slip differential.

"The original rally car made in the early 1970s was really light and exceptionally cool. It weighed around 1000 で も even with all of its weight loaded. The normal 911 and lightweight versions are totally different vehicles. When you have a powerful engine like this one, the difference is noticeable, "says Rod.

In any case, this is not a replica, but rather a "reinterpretation" of the model at the time. "The most difficult thing is to get a cool taste throughout the car. Every job requires a good sense and must be practical from every angle."

What they are working on is undoubtedly “work”. The weight is lighter than modern compact cars, but the performance is comparable to the latest supercars. And most of all, the outlaws introduced here convey the essence of the 911 as much as the real {R}. Who said “ you have to obey the rules ''?

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