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Instagram artist Jeffrey Doherty, who works on the theme of Porsche, performed the artwork at Das Treffen on December 14 in Bangkok. Porsche's passion for design and casual encounters through social media have enabled the US-based creative director to participate in an event in Bangkok, Thailand.

He is from New Zealand and said this was his first visit to Bangkok. However, Porsche triggered him to meet people who had been following him for years.

This is the fourth annual event for Porsche Suenthiasts in Thailand, an annual event for 2019. The event will be hosted by Sihabutur Tenn Xoomsai, editor-in-chief of GT Porsche Thailand Magazine, who is nicknamed "Ten" among his friends. He says he aims to foster a community by hosting an event in Porsche Enthusiast in Thailand.

In Das Treffen you can see more than 400 Porsche in one place. Not only that, all visitors on Porsche can park in the exhibition area. "You just need to get in the Porsche, and that's it, and you'll be participating in the event as if you were a member of a family," Ten says. And, as the word suggests, Das Treffen has become a "family event" for participants. Among the vehicles on display are not only sports cars that can participate in races at the moment, but also Cayenne SUVs used as ferry cars and scenes of pet dogs brought in from the windows of Cayman. Is there.

Participant of the event, architect Korn Thongto, took part in the 1969911E with his wife and twin sisters. He has a glass garage in his home Bangkok, and says the 911E is one of the collections. Despite the language barrier, Jeffrey and Corn have been interacting on SNS in the wake of their love for Porsche. Jeffrey's passion for Porsche was an unavoidable fate when he grew up with his grandfather and his father, a mechanic.

"My father took me to every event, including races, classic car shows, rallies, and so on, so he inherited his love of cars." But he didn't want to live as a mechanic like his father. His father, who looked at the car from a mechanic's point of view, and Jeffrey's own point of view differed from the viewpoint of capturing the car. His interest was in the car's curve and its styling.

After spending his childhood in New Zealand's small town, Twizel, Jeffrey went to college in Christchurch, located in the southeast, but his passion for the car was always in him. However, as he moved to Melbourne, Australia and New York when he got a job and continued his career with The New York Times and several other fashion magazines, he not only owned his own car, I realized I hadn't been driving for years.

After joining Nike as Senior Creative Director, Jeffrey moved to Oregon, USA. Living in a garaged house, he sought to fill the lost years there.

“ At that time I owned Kalman Gear in 1963, but when I participated in early Volkswagen shows etc, I noticed the charm of early type Porsche such as 914 and 356 '' He is now part of the Porsche community in Oregon, where he purchased and restored the 911SC. Four years later, apart from his work, Jeffrey began drawing sketches of cars and publishing artwork in line with Porsche's history online. That led Porsche Asia Pacific to commission him for his fourth Das Treffen graphic.

"Fortunately, thanks to the internet and social media, I have been able to reach a global community. The car is a truly lively and bold work of art. I thought, "Jeffrey says.

As a result, there was a row around his work for taking pictures. Porsche's soul, expressed in Das Treffen, was further burned by the emergence of the new Tikan, a fully electric sports car. This is the first time that Taikan has been shown in Bangkok, but has attracted the attention of young generations as well as the old Porsche Enthusiast.

And not only for local Porsche enthusiasts, but also for visitors from the Middle East, Europe, the United States and even Japan, Das Treffen is becoming a huge presence. "Once I return to the United States, I will tell my friends about the appeal of Das Treffen. This is an event that I must attend. 'S cell phone has not stopped ringing, and it's flooded with comments saying, "Where are you? There's no America here." There was a big discovery because I wasn't there.

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