Criminal records to carry people to truly bounce back from that path

I I,”I is in the wrong hand dyed not of the prison, go to drink alcohol not to smoke cigarettes don’t let you”and 嘯 have.

12 month 29 days of Tokai television in the electronic version, entitled article delivery.

5 years ago. Acquaintance of a lawyer from the criminal records to carry people”after source[atone for], and after a severe real lives”have heard. “Public assistance has received your ex regular job to get is not easy. Public assistance to rely on actual”to hear it.

Again until also would the Constitution, of Article 25 are”public, healthy and cultural minimum standard of living, including the right to be”for bugs that cause embedded images to be lost after saving writer or impress documents Public assistance is”Article 25 of”ensuring self-reliance for helping system. Income is set out by the National 最低生活費 below it,”the cost of living in the Times that savings and Real Estate a month, multiply the premium is not”such conditions to the shortfall is paid as the framework.

By the way the Ministry in the announcement of the 2017 2 as of the end of welfare recipients are 214 million by 1881 people. 65 years of age and older to the center and the proportion of households in which 5 percent has been exceeded. It has been pointed out that, in old age the poor problems have shown.

Of course, welfare recipients=criminal record to carry people. But lawyers from the story after listening to the details, the Ministry is 17 years 9 months 24 dated Chiba daily and reading the article. That is, after source of criminal records to carry people on welfare rely on the state is specifically covered.

The ex is after source what to do. I such as the easy answer to find-the challenge is not. And”care”need not source: who and especially in there. A hint of the answer to that,I think that the coverage met. 11 month 26 date of Asahi Shimbun digital edition of”the source, who for 求人誌,the municipality first time in a recidivism prevention and securing human resources aiming an article entitled”yet. The content summary follows.

★Kumamoto prison and juvenile detention source of for people who have,as a municipality is the first professional 求人誌:Change[check] is issued. 25 companies for job information.

★Salary・working hours・holidays・dormitories such as private housing and meals, such as the presence or absence of,treatment even the details written in.

★250 unit is created,treatment・prison・juvenile detention, such as correctional facilities to distribution.

★Opening interview in the reform school housed in their own past publish,is now a construction company President in the person of”the work of the Life Foundation. To rehabilitate the figure of a warm eyes watching, more and more businesses throughout the whole society and think,”to the creed statements.

Other municipalities also,consider want.

In the private sector as well as of any 求人誌 has been issued or,for all concerned. In 2018, 3 month,non・criminal record of that person’s employment given the company’s support services help to:media media companies,”Chance!!” No. 1 issuing. The first inmates of the specialized 求人誌. 3 months to 1 times the pace of No. 1 to 15 around after the job is posted. Included in the resume are”finger Packed”presence or absence of”recidivism about the possibility of”other fields also.

Accept the system [saucer]increases, and this recidivism to prevent the”good society”which leads to the 一策 and such. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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