Crispy chocolate is packed!! The chocolate mint cookie sandwich that is excellent at eating is extremely delicious ♪ # Famima | AppBank

Family mart"Satisfied with Glico! Chocolate Mint Cookie Sandwich" is now on sale! This item is from GlicoFamilyThere are a lot of people who have seen it as a cup ice version as a limited product.
We will report the real meal immediately!

I love chocolate mint ice cream♪

Chocolate mint ice cream is delicious but it's not sold. The combination of refreshing mint and mellow chocolate is the most delicious and favorite taste!
This product that chocolate mint ice cream is sandwiched between chocolate cookies! It looks so delicious!
As the name suggests, this cup ice version has a lot of chocolate chips and is rich and repeats several times! I am looking forward to the amount of chocolate again this time.

Looking at the back of the package, you can see that there are many larger chocolates in the chocolate mint ice cream!
It's a chocolate-only product sandwiched in chocolate cookies! If you love chocolate, why not?

Crispy texture is fun

If you cut it in half, there are plenty of large chocolates in addition to the small chocolate chips. It's cold and cold♪ The texture of the large chocolate is crispy and fun!
I thought it was pretty sweet because it contained a lot of chocolate, but it had a bitter taste and had a balanced sweetness.
The chocolate cookie is moist and fluffy, and goes well with chocolate mint ice cream♪

A good mint feeling!

The mint ice cream inside has a slightly refreshing scent without the mint feeling being too strong. This cool refreshing feeling is perfect for summer!
Even people who are not good at mint taste should be able to eat ♪
The presence of chocolate and cookies is stronger than mint, so this is the ice cream that I especially recommend for sweet tooth people!

This chocolate mint cookie sandwich is sandwiched between thick and thick cookies, so it has a good eating response.
It's a volumey ice cream that is perfect for those who want to taste the texture of packed chocolate and those who are hungry.
Cookies tend to soften and crumble while eating, so I recommend eating early before the ice cream melts!

It was an introduction of FamilyMart's new product, "Chocolate Mint Cookie Sandwich". Chocolate mint ice cream with a refreshing feeling is recommended in hot summer! The sweet tooth has a strong chocolate feel so check it out♪

Store: Family Mart
Menu: Glico full! Chocolate mint cookie sandwich
Price: 165 yen (178 yen including tax)
Official site:Glico is full! Chocolate mint cookie sandwich

(Sentence/Photograph ☆IZUMINT☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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