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Crowdfunding of Fake Meat Hamburger “Next Burger 1.2'' made in Japan started-Engadget Japan version

On July 28, Next Meats, which develops fake meat, will crowdfund the hamburger "Next Burger 1.2" using the company's alternative meat.MakuakeStarted at. The amount of support is 3000 yen. Supporters will receive a set of four burgers, patties, buns and sauces. The application period is until August 30, 2020.

Next Meats, which started a business as a food tech venture, is working on the spread of fake meat, which replaces animal meat, in consideration of the future global environment, and after many years of research, patty made to look like meat without using additives. Was developed.

Next Meets

This patty is a combination of soy protein and pea protein, and its texture, taste, and color are made exactly like real meat. In addition, the sauce used for the hamburger contains ingredients extracted from the creeping plant called Salacia. Salacia has been attracting attention as it has an "effect of suppressing the absorption of sugar", and it is a hamburger that is not only delicious but also healthy.

Fake Meat is starting to offer menus in stages by multiple restaurants and fast food chains overseas. For exampleMcDonald's is a fake meat burger,Fake meat croissant sand at Burger King,Fake meat nuggets at Kentucky Fried ChickenAnd so on.

It is said that raising livestock such as cattle and pigs requires a lot of resources such as food and water, and that livestock has a large impact on the natural environment, such as the emission of greenhouse gases. Considering the conservation of nature, the time may come when such fake meat menus with consideration for nature will become major.

Source:PR TIMES,Makuake


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