Curry that goes well with dumplings…! I tried eating a special curry of “Gyoza's Hoei'' which Dosanko urged over dumplings

Curry is suitable for curry rice, curry bread, curry udon, and even natto. Basically, it's a food that you shouldn't remove, but it seems that even gyoza goes well with it.

Well, there are usually curry-flavored ingredients…I'm wondering, but no way no! After opening the lidThe style of curry over dumplingsIt was a thing!!

・Hoei, a child born in Hokkaido

Dosanko is enthusiastic about selling curry that goes well with dumplings"Gyoza no Hoei"It is. Hoei says there are no strangers in Hokkaido. Hoei, who sublimes cheese even when it is dumpled with gyoza. If Hoei produces curry that goes well with gyoza, there is only one answer.There is no choice but to try it!

So at the "Hokkaido hoodist" that handles Hokkaido productsHoei special keema curry[400 yen excluding tax], and Otofuke dumplings [1000 yen excluding tax]. I decided to actually make it.

・Stable taste

Gyoza itself can be made quickly and seems to be frozen.

If you follow the procedure, you're done.

The finished product is thick and the taste is stable even if you eat it like Hoei, but it is still the same as it is. I think Dosanko would recommend it, but don't forget to sprinkle curry this time.


Here, sprinkle the curry that had been boiled in advance on the dumplings. The curry package says, "It's a full-fledged curry in which minced meat and spices are stir-fried, and the taste of vegetables is locked in without adding water." I wanted to prepare white rice, so I gave upOnly gyoza and curryLet's eat!

When I try to dread curry…

Is this really a horse…?

To be honest, it's not like horses. However, I don't know what food looks like, just as I can't judge people visually. If you get angry and say gabber…

this is……

It's good!!!!

To be honest, I expected Gyoza + curry to be a forbidden taste, or even to shake off negatively. However, since Hoei is confident that he says "it fits," I would say it's a definite taste. Keema curry gently wraps the juicy juice and garlic flavor that come out of the dumplings… The curry complemented the taste of the dumplings.

It can be said that it succeeds in maintaining balance, just like the character of "person." The curry's horseiness may of course be a trick that was created by Hoei's dumplings, but it's still amazing!

・I had a gyoza lover eat it

However, it is too early for me to conclude that I am a horse. So in the pastDumplings 100 days lifeI had Go Hatori, the editor-in-chief who had done so, eat it.

Hatori, who can't hide her anxiety, looks like "What's this?!?", but when I put it in my mouth…

Hatori"…Umm! It fits, it fits, I don't feel any strangeness. I don't feel any strangeness. It doesn't feel strange. I don't think I want other meals. This is 5 stars, even if I said severely. Is 4.5.

I can't find any negative points. First of all, the curry is delicious, and it tastes like curry bread and it's really delicious. Anyway, was there any curry that went well with gyoza [laughs] No, it was a treat! "

── and sul sul The compliment came out and I was satisfied with pelori and finished eating. In addition, it seems that the quality is quite high as it was also well received by other members. By the way, according to Hoei's website,Curry topped with gyoza in HokkaidoApparently. Apparently it seems to work well with rice, so if you are interested, try it!

Reference link:Gyoza Hoei

Report:Takashi Harada

Photo: RocketNews24.

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