Custom 510 3 decided by professional street style

While realizing a hardcore stance, the interior is firmly made according to the professional street style. The floor was carpeted and audio was installed. The gap with JAZ's hard equipment, such as aluminum sheets and roll cages, is the real thrill of a professional street style. The engine remains an L-type because it is a street machine, but full-conversion is planned in the future.

The engine is almost stock L16, but it is beautifully detailed. Accents such as a polished radiator cover and an air cleaner box with frame paint are also effective.

オ ー ナ ー Looking at the car that became hard, the owner was very satisfied. It doesn't matter if the interior is dirty, and when riding in town, he says he is running "while showing his underbody" with the rear floor panel removed.

When you open the trunk, a one-off fuel tank appears. It looks good because of the frame shape.

70 year Nissan Bluebird SSS

● Engine: L16 / SU cab / Nagai electronic simultaneous ignition system
● Drive system: 190 differential / Silvia front hub
● Undercarriage: F: harmonic drive R: competition engineering ladder bar / stabilizer / coil / shock
● Tire: F: Firestone R: Mickey Thompson
● Wheel: Billet Specialties Comp5

Published: Nostalgic Speed ​​July 2013 @ Vol.001 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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