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Krispy Kreme Donuts will feature a pumpkin, purple potato, caramel x Halloween-themed donut "monster HARVEST" from September 16, 2020. I immediately ate a limited edition donut that was cute and had a taste of autumn.

"Monster HARVEST" appeared

From today, September 16, 2020, a donut "monster HARVEST" with the theme of pumpkin, purple potato, caramel and Halloween has appeared in Krispy Kreme Donut. Among the "Halloween Donuts" sold in the Halloween limited package, three donuts are the focus of attention.

  • Pumpkin caramel
  • Black cat "caramel"
  • Muchimochi Purple Potato Mont Blanc

I got the taste of autumn just now!

I tried Krispy Kreme Donut "monster HARVEST"!

Take it home with a Halloween-only package ♪ This big box gets you excited every time.

The limited package is a very cute box with a black cat and a jack lantern drawn on it.

It's designed so that when you connect two of them, each face will appear, so it's a good idea to line up with 3 boxes and 4 boxes at a party.

"Halloween Donut" is a 12-piece donut with limited donuts such as a jack with pumpkin cream from Hokkaido, a black cat with caramel cream, and a new texture of plump purple potato Mont Blanc, as well as the popular Original Graceed® and chocolate sprinkles. box. The Halloween limited package is half size, so it will be 2 boxes. There is also a 6-piece (1 box) "Halloween Dawn Half", so choose according to the number of people.

Pumpkin caramel

Speaking of Halloween, this is it! A jack-o'-lantern donut. The beautiful orange color, the face drawn one by one, and the pumpkin seeds that are stabbed a little are cute ♪

When I eat … pumpkin than I expected !!!

When I first saw it, I thought the cream inside was a normal custard, but what a mellow pumpkin taste! The cream, which has the image of pumpkin pudding, has a gentle sweetness ♪ The donut dough and the chocolate on the surface are firmly sweet and have a strong impact.

Black cat "caramel"

Next, the black cat "caramel".

The ears of the cheese sesame crackers that stood up, the big white chocolate eyes, and the almond crunches make the donuts not only look but also have a pleasant texture.

This is also very sweet, but the caramel cream inside has its own uniqueness! The sweetness of the caramel cream, which is bitter enough to make you think it is a charred caramel, is perfect. Combined with the chocolate on the surface, it has a satisfying taste.

It was a sweet donut with a pattern that can be eaten endlessly when combined with black coffee ♪

Muchimochi Purple Potato Mont Blanc

The new plump texture donut that was just released the other day is now available in the Halloween box.

Purple potato cream squeezed into a moist and moist new texture dough. The texture of the dough and the cream are similar, so the sense of unity is good. The dough has a high density, so I want to taste it bit by bit. It's such a donut.

"Halloween Donuts", which includes three types of limited-edition donuts that you can enjoy the taste of autumn, the popular Original Grace Donuts, and chocolate sprinkles, will be on sale for a limited time from today. Also, each donut is sold separately, so please check it at the store or the official website.

Shop: Krispy Kreme Donuts
Product name: Halloween Dawn (12 pieces)
Price: 2,000 yen + tax
Sale period: Scheduled from September 1st (Tuesday) to November 1st (Sunday), 2020
Official site:Krispy Kreme Donuts

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