DA @ PUMP 7-person tour for the first time "A steady step"

Dance vocal unit DA PUMP performed "LIVE DA DA PUMP 2020 Funky Tricky Party FINAL" at Saitama Super Arena on the 11th.

This is the first arena tour since the current seven-member system in 2014. ISSA [41] expressed a sense of exaltation, saying, "I was able to take a steady step." It was also a return live of YORI, who had been inactive for treatment of thoracic vertebral osteoma since last September, and made an appeal to the public, saying, "It's perfect.

In the live show, in addition to “USA” and others, the new single “Heart on Fire” released on March 25 will be unveiled for the first time. He was fascinated by the "strap leather dance" in which the rust raised his right hand, placed his left hand on the belt of the abdomen, and swung left and right while raising and lowering his knees on his toes. It is based on a trend in the United States called swag bounce. This is a new dance of the unit that has been talked about in the likes of "U.S.A.", "Like Dance", and "P.A.R.T.Y. Universe Festival", "Bine Dance". . TOMO, who adopted the dance, was confident that the penetration rate in the United States was amazing.

He performed 17 songs and excited 15,000 spectators.

In the last “PARTY-Universe Festival-”, the song may be the theme song of the movie “Movie Version Kamen Rider Zio Over @ Quartzer”, and Kamen Rider Zio appeared. Performed by people.

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