Daihatsu・Rocky,Toyota・drive a big hit premonition of Toyota is Daihatsu’s technology for you!

Rocky and size of the sales were strong as well. Toyota・or Daihatsu Toyota OEM[original equipment manufacturing]supply relationship was,in fact, Daihatsu is a Toyota subsidiary that has become.

【Here】SUV world the new trend? Toyota・drive,the sales order number of 3 million units more than 3 reasons and has

Daihatsu・midget,Daihatsu・the novelty of old, from Mini-vehicles,a car [A class]is responsible for the Toyota division of the better to say. Toyota and Daihatsu combined domestic, Toyota’s share is overwhelming. In addition, Daihatsu・type of success,most recently in Japan, the enemies are well done.

Fractional Toyota to the Laggards feeling is BEV about this, the materials secured from the recycling system and Toyota is thinking, the strategizing, prepare and see all. Market trends to suit the Chinese market,the European market from BEV to launch plans have been announced.

It’s not the market trend of the situation judged from the Rocky and is born, but Toyota’s market research accuracy is in the current market a few years ago your neighbor would have.

Affordable body size,length x Width x height:3995×1695×1620mm, wheelbase:2525mm,minimum ground clearance:185mm,curb weight:980kg in Japan around the crippled or not. 185mm of minimum ground clearance of 150mm and the 200mm and in the middle of the crossover SUV to off loader’s personality change.

Body size in the 980kg vehicle weight to the attention of the others. Nowadays, driving support systems, such as equipment increases in a decade ago of light four-wheel vehicles weight to fit the technology just. In modern times this level of course as that.

High,aluminum, carbon materials innovation that I gained from this this would. Value is directly tied to technology, but the fuel saving and large capacity battery you need from this era, the essential technology.

Engine inline 3-cylinder DOHC turbo,996cc,maximum power:98ps/6000rpm, maximum torque:14.3 kgm/2400-4000rpm, transmission is D-CVT of the power plant, the first focus and see, the 3-cylinder engine.

This is”Daihatsu tradition of the 3-cylinder”I may say of it. Daihatsu has long worked to technology. 3-cylinder and 5-cylinder and 4-cycle engine vibration is fate there. However, the same displacement in the number of cylinders is reduced if the number of parts is reduced, the manufacturing cost is lower,maintenance is also advantageous. High rotation required by today’s engines, the cylinder to reduce the number of the most beneficial point is more.

Therefore recruitment to manufacturers increases, the Daihatsu 3-cylinder engine in the leading manufacturers. Then, the D-CVT referred to as the CVT has a wide gear ratio, acceleration performance and fuel economy it seems to contribute,98ps/6000rpm:14.3 kgm/2400-4000rpm inline 3-cylinder DOHC turbo,996cc of a small engine to use seems to have.

Its mechanism, Toyota HV used in planetary gear mechanism of over the top, and Toyota, and the relationship of all that is,D-CVT Daihatsu’s unique technology is the only. Toyota’s CVT is a low gear to a different gear to the launch of the feeling I have the CVT only.

This Daihatsu independent as a brand, and the”team Toyota”as a member of that value is out of the way. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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