Daiichi Sankyo and Tokugawa Ieyasu

Pharmaceutical giant Daiichi Sankyo has,Nihonbashi honcho 3-Chome, head office building to the Chronus Shrine to get the fragments, Loka and Teth are surrounded. Why”Nihonbashi honcho 3-Chome”, the reason for more than 400 years before the Edo Shogunate in the early days of Dating.

【Here】“There was not a”Kobayashi Pharmaceutical M&A hopes

Ieyasu Tokugawa”in Edo offices,”said Edo on foot or in 1590[Tensho 18 years]. Ieyasu is now the Nihonbashi area of Edo in the centre of thought,early large-scale civil engineering work began.

And at the same time, the urban reclamation of”a town divided[the town to make zoning]”for. The readjustment is made in the”industry to gather”and touched out,”medicine merchants”in the Nihonbashi honcho 3-Chome area offices no. Since then,Nihonbashi honcho is a”drug town”and was [by the way Takeda’s headquarters honcho 3-Chome].

Known, Daiichi Sankyo in 2005, the former Sankyo Company [established in 1899]and the former 第一製薬[as in 1915], a history of the 2 companies merged was born.

Business is”ethical drugs””drug””vaccines””generics”of 4 in the field being configured. Its trade area is the world, 80 countries and good……..

Drug, the familiar names are lined up. “The gold[cold medicine]””key the[analgesic]””Gaster 10[a stomach ache・heartburn medication]””set note[as a kind of”melasma”for the only over-the-counter]”and so on. Or prescription pharmaceuticals such as the following in the product such as reputation.

★Click Ana [generic name edoxaban]: the body of the blood to clot by inhibiting the activity, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, etc., to prevent.

★Main theme[memantine]: medium degree of Alzheimer’s dementia progression is inhibited.

★Digital project[Miro cover-based system]: peripheral neuropathic pain.

★EFFIE entry [plus group]: oral anti-platelet drugs. Narrowing of the arteries or blockage to prevent.

I see were all excellent.

Products home page or from market, have been waiting for that prescription drug less your. “Business process[Esaki set Lennon]”as the representative of them. Diabetic nephropathy Therapeutics. The domestic Phase 3 trials in progress.

Revenue is strong. Now 3 month period”1.1% year on year,19.5%operating profit growth”planning at the start, for 4-9 months ended disclosure and at the same time”2.7%of sales[9550 billion], 49.3%of operating profit[1250 billion yen]”in the revised. The reason”edoxaban such as the flagship product of the strong”is first pointed out.

Edoxaban zoom in and try to”17 years, 3 months ended net sales:37.3 billion yen, 18 years and 3 months period:771 billion yen,19 years 3 months ended 1177 billion”and had remained to be seen. Or pharmaceutical industry analysts from between, no voice to be heard.

“Group Healthcare [Pharmaceutical Research and marketing is well-established]in a survey of 7 consecutive years”from the physician and MR[medical representative]assessment NO1″, 3 consecutive years of”ethical drugs revenue NO1″has become. Of Daiichi Sankyo’s presence, it was also symbolized as can be”.

Daiichi Sankyo is cancer drugs in the region are also assessed to have gathered. This again was informed of the last 12 months 23 [MON]stock price trends was. 12 month 13 days the listing comes high 7562 yen after, Of course, the adjustment of the sale on the 20th 7042 yen [the closing price of 7044 yen]level had lowered.

But the week of the 23rd this news jumped out. “Trastuzumab is FDA [Food and Drug Administration], from inoperable or metastatic breast cancer response drugs sold as approved”. 23 day’s closing price is 7244 circle. 2.3%too increased.

Think. Tokugawa Ieyasu is”close”to long for,and. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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