Daiso's "Christmas tree" is super cospa! If it is 2000 yen, you can make it luxuriously!

2019 is also December, and a big event has come this year.Yes, Christmas! *And “Christmas tree” is a symbol of Christmas.

However, “Christmas tree” is unexpectedly expensive. Even though it's only a short period of time, it's a waste to feel what it is to get a high price. So this time, it is recommended for those who are confused because of the high priceLet's introduce "Christmas tree" which is too cheap!

・ Daiso Christmas Tree

It would be surprising to someone you don't know, but this time we will introduce you to a 100-yen shopDaiso's “Christmas Tree”.This is not a small item that can be placed on a shelf or table, but a larger one that can be placed on the floor.

As expected, the price is not 100 yen,90 centimeters without tax 300 yen, 120 centimeters with tax 500 yen. If you buy it elsewhere, a 90-centimeter “Christmas tree” costs about 2,000 to 10,000 yen. If it is 120 centimeters, it is not uncommon for things to exceed 10,000 yen.

Daiso's “Christmas tree” is unparalleled from the market. The product name is "Christmas nude tree"The feature is that there is no set such as decoration.

However!!Daiso sells "Christmas tree" decorations aloneSo you can choose what you like and combine them.

There are many types of decoration. There are a variety of ornaments and lights, and there are several types with the same shape but different colors. There are everything from cute designs to adults,You can stick to your ideal Christmas treeIt is.

・ Original Christmas tree of about 2000 yen

I bought a 120cm "Christmas tree", a top star, two tree-type decorations, three lights, and six other decorations. Because one 300 yen light was included,Trees and decorations totaled 1900 yen [excluding tax].

Despite buying decoration, it is still cheaper than the market price. Then how is it compared with the market price? The finished 1900 yen “Christmas Tree” is …

I can't see the "Christmas tree" I bought for 100!

Neither tree nor decoration is cheap. Rather, twelve decorations are voluminous and sparkling. Even if you look closely, the leaves aren't really scary, and there aren't any moros. It looks like it's not very 500 yen,It became a gorgeous “Christmas tree”!

By the way, if you compare yourself with the size of the tree … 163cm tall near my stomach is the star at the top of the tree. It feels more compact than the “Christmas tree” in town,I think it's just the right size to leave in the living room.

・ Purchase decorations considering balance

Now, let's talk about the points to note and the points to choose decoration from here. This time I bought 12 kinds of ornaments,This was more than enough decoration for the tree.

If the tree is sold as a set, the ornaments will come in a balanced manner. However, if you choose all the decorations yourself like this, you don't know how much you should buy.

I want it to be just a reference level, but if you want to decorate it simply1 top star, 1 tree-type decoration, 1 or 2 lights, 4 other decorationsI felt that it was enough.

If you want to make a volumey decoration, I think that this time is fine. However, if it is too much, it will get messy,It is better not to buy too much decoration.

One of my personal favorite decorations is light. Of the three used this time, two types of 100-yen lights are miniature bulb types, which are often used for “Christmas trees”. The 300 yen light is called a snowball light, and there are 10 white and round lights. This is howChoose from 8 patterns of lightIt is.

Both are dry cell type, and the dry cell part can be placed inside the tree etc.Does not look bad due to wiring etc.. By the way, be careful because the lights and batteries are sold separately.

・ Recommended for people who want to buy cheaply

The “Christmas tree” is not something that is placed throughout the year. That's why it makes me feel excited when I can see it. Until now, price has become a bottleneckDaiso's “Christmas Tree” is recommended for those who are hesitant to purchase!

Also, if it is cheap enough, it may be ant to use it for external use, and if you want more original, it seems to be good to arrange by DIY etc. Only a little left until Christmas. If you are worried, why don't you go to Daiso?


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