Daisuke Takahashi lands four times and wants to enjoy slipping alone

Daisuke Takahashi [33 = Kansai KFSC], who finished 14th in the Men's Short Program [SP] for the Figure Skating All Japan Championship, will be working on his last single [free] on the 22nd. On the 21st, we took part in official training at the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo.

When playing free songs, adjust the number of jumps to five. At the end of the training, the quadruple toe loop landed, and applause was sent from officials at the venue. Denying with a smile, "I will not do it!" "Because the tension rises in myself," he said, which has a positive effect on other jumps.

On the 20th of the previous day, the SP had missed all three jumps and was regrettable to say, "If I was 10 years younger …". From the beginning of the year, he turned to ice dance. As a single player, he was keen on "Last Dance", saying, "It's a luxury to stand in Japan.

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