Daiya Seto's new coach Sakae Saitama classmate, Ichiro Ura

Daiya Seto [26 = ANA], a swimming boy, decided to aim for a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] next summer with a new coach from his high school classmate. On the 27th, it was revealed that he would form a new combination with Ryuichirou Ura [25] from Sakae Eitaka. Seto dissolved his teacher-practitioner relationship with coach Takayuki Umehara, who received instruction from elementary school 5 in April. A related person said, “To keep motivation, it means to try a new challenge rather than to work in the same environment for one year,” and said that he will decide a new coach this month.

After graduating from high school, Ura left the University of Tsukuba to work for a general company and retired last year. Although he has no full-fledged teaching history, he is a close acquaintance with Seto. As soon as the practice environment of Seto is set in the coronary wreck, it will begin to move in earnest. Seto is a 200- and 400-meter individual medley gold medal = Tokyo Olympics unofficial decision at the 19th World Championship. Heading to next summer with new feelings.

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