“ DAKARA mineral concentrated type '' tasting review that can make a 2 liter sports drink from one can with haste


“ DAKARA mineral concentrated type '' tasting review that can make a 2 liter sports drink from one can with haste

It is indispensable to secure plenty of drinks for measures against heat stroke in the hot weather season and for hydration while at home, but it is difficult to buy a large amount of plastic bottles from the store. Therefore, you can make a drink just by putting one can in a pitcher and pouring water “DAKARA mineral concentrated typeWill appear on April 7, 2020 (Tuesday). “ It appeared in 2019GREEN DA ・ KA ・ RA Easy barley tea concentrated typeThe sports drink type concentrate can added to the lineup of “ is OK if it has one can and water, so it is convenient for storage and carrying, so it will appear at the same time ''Iemon: Broiled tea leaves concentrated type"Oolong tea concentrated typeI made it and drunk it.

Concentration can lineup expansion! "Iemon's Broiled Tea Leaves", "Suntory Oolong Tea" and "DAKARA Mineral" are now on sale! News Release | Suntory Beverage & Food Limited

This is the "DAKARA Mineral Concentrate Type". The content is 195g per can.

It is stated that adding "water" to a can can produce both "darker" and "clearer taste".

The recipe is really easy, just put the can in a container and add water.

In addition, the mineral of "DAKARA mineral" is that it is sodium.

The raw materials are "fructose-glucose liquid sugar", "acidulant", "flavor", "potassium citrate", "sweetener (sucralose)", "niacin", "magnesium oxide" and "vitamin B6".

The calories are 80kcal per 100g and the salt equivalent is 1.05g.

When I tried it with the undiluted solution, the sweetness was intense and it was a harsh taste to drink as it was.

Therefore, we prepared a pitcher with a capacity of 2 liters.

If you put the undiluted solution in the pitcher …

Just add water to make 1 liter "darker".

When I drank it, I felt the sweetness and refreshing acidity of sports drinks along with the citrus scent. Although it is said to be "dark", it is possible to drink it with the same feeling as commercially available soft drinks.

Next, 1 liter of water was added to the pitcher to create a 2 liter “clear taste”. When I drank "DAKARA Mineral", which became slightly lighter in color, I found that it had almost no acidity and was less sweet and easier to drink. If you're worried about sugar or if you don't want to drink hydration with a juice-like "thick", it's recommended that you drink with a "clear taste".

There is no regular version of "DAKARA Mineral", so from the left "GREEN DA ・ KA ・ RA”“ DAKARA Mineral Thick ”and“ DAKARA Mineral Refreshing Taste ”. The color intensity was "GREEN DAKARA" which was the lightest, but the taste was "GREEN DAKARA" between "DAKARA mineral darker" and "DAKARA mineral refreshing taste". .

Next, I drank “Iemon's broiled tea leaf concentrated type”. The size of the can is almost the same as the "DAKARA Mineral Concentrate Type", but the content is 10g less and contains 185g.

Ingredients are "green tea", "dextrin" and "vitamin C" only.

The calories are 10kcal per 100g.

It is said that it is necessary to shake well before opening "Iemon's Broiled Tea Leaves Concentrate Type", so shake it first …

I put it in a glass. The brownish color is more like coffee with milk than tea. Speaking of the taste, the astringency was so strong that it was like squeezing out the tea leaves, so it was impossible to drink it.

Add the undiluted solution to the pitcher and add water to make 1 liter “dense” as before.

By drinking a bite, the taste of the undiluted solution that could only be felt with astringency changed to mild bitterness, and it became possible to drink it as a darker green tea. Unlike "DAKARA Mineral", which has no discomfort as a normal soft drink even with "Dark Meat", this one is definitely darker. However, the honest impression was that while the taste of tea was properly felt, the aroma was a little weak and the impression was somewhat unbalanced.

Add 2 liters of water to create a refreshing taste of 2 liters. The appearance was a little lighter due to the presence of dirt, but the taste was almost free of bitterness and astringency, and it was certainly possible to take a refreshing drink. The aroma is modest as usual, but unlike “ dark meme '', which was bitter and bitter with green tea ahead of it, it is a good balance of ants as a refreshing tea, so other than those who like dark green tea It is recommended to drink 2 liters.

This is also the usual "Iemon"And" Darker "and" Clear taste ". From the left, “Iemon”, “Dark”, “Clear taste” are arranged in this order. As for the taste, "Iemon" and "Dark" were the closest, but the scent seems to be normal "Iemon".

The last one I drank was "Oolong tea concentrated type". The content is 185g, the same as "Iemon's broiled tea leaf concentrated type".

Ingredients are only Oolong tea and Vitamin C.

The calories per 100g are 2-12kcal.

The undiluted solution tastes like a bitter coffee, but it is not only bitter but also sour, so it is strict to drink it as it is.

First, add water to make up to 1 liter, make "dense", and drink it. With the undiluted solution, the hard bitterness became mild and almost no acidity was felt. It also has the fragrance characteristic of oolong tea, so it feels like a darker oolong tea that will refresh your mouth when eating a greasy meal.

Next, add another liter of water to make it look "clear". Then, both the aroma and taste are thinned as it is, making it a lighter mouth. It was not only perfect for drinking and hydrating than "dark", and it did not change the taste of the dish, so it was finished with a taste that seems to be useful when eating.

Comparing the regular "Oolong tea" with the "Darker" and "Clear taste", the taste was closer to the regular "Ouryu tea" and "Darker eyes", but the "Darker eyes" was slightly richer.

Suntory's “ DAKARA Mineral Concentrate Type '', “ Iemon Erin Broiled Tea Leaves Concentrate Type '' and “ Oryu Cha Concentrate Type '' can be purchased at retail stores nationwide from April 7, 2020 (Tuesday), 125 yen per bottle (excluding tax) is. Also, it is handled at, and the price at the time of article creation is “ DAKARA mineral concentrated type 30 pieces '' tax included 2935 yen, tax included “ Iemon gated tea leaves concentrated type 30 pieces '' tax included 3081 Yen, "30 pieces of Oolong tea concentrated type" was 3079 yen including tax.

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