Dakota Fanning nude in washbasin, bold photo show

American actress Dakota Fanning, 25, has been talking about bold nude photos on Instagram on the 20th.

A picture of a rear view of a naked fanning wearing only a thin string T-back crouching in the sink of the wash basin and making up in front of the mirror, but in the part of the buttocks that became exposed It has a peach emoji.

Fanning has a caption, "Too far from the mirror? I'd love to go into the sink." My sister Elle Fanning [21] commented "Photo Credit" in the comments and was the photographer. Claiming that.

Comments from celebrity friends and fans also flooded. "This is all," said American actress Melanie Field. "I always make up there," commented Tundy Newton.

"I also support Kore," said U2 Bono's daughter and actress Eve Huson. Saco, a French singer-songwriter, says "O Lara!"

Fanning, also known as a former genius child, has grown into an adult woman. Until now, Fanning, who has never posted sexy photos to SNS, has been surprised by the sudden change in emotions among fans.

The voice of praise "Beautiful!" And the disappointment of "Why? Why? You don't have to do this" seem to be mixed. [New York = Naoko Kame]

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