Damage more than 20 million yen.

The spread of the new coronavirus hit the theater world. "Endless @ SHOCK" starring Koichi Domoto [41] at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo will be performing from 28th to March 10th, and "March Daikabuki" in Tokyo's Kabukiza will be canceled from the first day to 10th March 2nd. I decided. Also, Kana Kurashina [32] has canceled all performances.

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Commentary: The cancellation of the performance was a critical decision for the theater world. At first, as the infection spread, it was mood-in-depth, although internally considered. The tide was changing on the 27th, when the government requested that large-scale events be canceled or postponed, and it was decided that music live and other events would be canceled. Major theater companies such as Toho and Shochiku announced the cancellation of performances of their affiliated theaters on the 28th, and other theaters continued.

The Imperial Theatre, Kabukiza, and other places have a capacity of nearly 2,000 people, and a single calculation can stop a single performance and cost more than 20 million yen. Since the performance schedule has already been decided and cannot be transferred or postponed, all tickets will be refunded and the production will be damaged. At this stage, the entire theater world is expected to cost billions of yen.

The theater world has stopped performing since the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. Among the theaters that continued to perform there were criticisms as to why they would perform at such times. It is presumed that this decision to stop the entire building has the aim of avoiding criticism.

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