DATAFLUCT, and services for work automation service to start in 2020 years and 3 months from

DATAFLUCT of work automation,the service sector of the working time reduction and sales improvement, Employee Support Services,”DATAFLUCT intelligent.” To 2020 years and 3 months to start from. AI use,the number of visitors predicted and the automatic ordering,automated ad placements etc.

【Here】Yokohama,RPA introduction in the experiments up to 99. 1%of working time reduction, NTT, etc

The service sector is now forced to labor for many hours the situation continues, it is employee satisfaction leads to a decrease in business and management have a big impact on. “DATAFLUCT intelligent.” By service sector and improvements in labor productivity and increase employee satisfaction, and hence customer satisfaction is expected to

The service sector is the long working hours,labor productivity low, high turnover and labor shortages over the years of management remains a challenge. Especially in the catering and accommodation industries the other industries compared to the vacancy rate is 2 times or more higher.

Also, the food service industry are full-time employees, the overtime is 80 hours that exceed a percentage, usually in Stage 12. 5%, during the busy season of 24. 3% is estimated. Prolonged labor prolonged, the decline in motivation of employees and retirement had led to.

Service industry employees work long hours, and not one of the factors that the service diversification, the review of all indicators and use of tools that increase the like. For example, an organization might decide to perform its day-to-day operations create reports and track your sales, of course, advertising placement, social media through the dissemination of information to business, such as range of passing.

Employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction in order to increase these duties to reduce the time,communication with customers, such as customer satisfaction, to increase spend a lot of time is necessary.

“DATAFLUCT intelligent.” AI and data science to leverage employee productivity and enhance services to support you. Features a”chat bot by issue of the notification”,”automatic advertising”,”business order”function, and the like.

For example, the”chat bot by issue of notice”, the AI is the next day of the number of visitors to the predicted responses, the number of visitors predicted and the divergence if differences occurred in Factor Analysis Get.

DATAFLUCT AI and data such as utilizing the services,resolve social issues in developing countries. AI Trade Area analysis by business for the consideration of property or services, hood Ross stores specializing in the support of AI services has to offer. The future of AI and data while utilizing the service sector and business support for the provision of services is expected. [Articles:not for・The article list to look at]

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