DCM losses,the first 3 quarter operating profit rate expansion

*13:40JST DCM—EU,3rd quarter operating profit rate expansion
DCM<3050>Is losses. Last week at the end of the 3rd quarter earnings announcement, the cumulative operating income of 179 billion yen, compared with the same period last year 2. 9%decline,the first half performance of the 2. 1% decrease from the decrease of rate of expansion. Full-year plan 230 billion yen,year on year 9. 5% increase to achieve the uncertainty even stronger looking into. Bad weather and the previous year’s disaster, the reflexive decline in demand following the surge ahead of it, such as gardening supplies and building materials were sluggish was. On the other hand, the benefit program for shareholders, announced a change in the DCM brand, product assortment or social contribution activities corporate donations, the retention period depending on the shareholder shop discount coupons to have changed. 《HH》

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