December 9, 2019 is 25 years since the release of “Super Momotaro Electric Railway 3”! Column "Mecha Bomby taught me"

I covered the party game that everyone can playFriendship destruction game"Momotaro Electric Railway". Today, December 9, 2019 is the 25th year since the release of “Super Momotaro Electric Railway 3”.

This work is the first appearance of Mechabomby against King Bomby weapon. Such a mecha bombyHe taught me a lot of things as a child.

・ Reason called friendship destruction

Peach iron is a board game that basically sets goals based on total assets aiming for goals. If you've ever played, you'll know that King Bomby is so innocent. The cards and assets that are stored are knocked down,It ’s a daily routine, such as going from the top to the bottom..

By the way, this king bomby can be crushed by stopping on the same square as other players or by overtaking it. Therefore, when King Bomby is born, the gameThe atmosphere changes completely. The banquet of King Bomby without Jinyi begins. Demon is a hell pretend that means death.

Of course, there is no room for regular friendship. Everyone is a battlefield next to death. It is natural, sometimes deceived and deceivedNegotiations including things outside the game and hierarchy. This is why Momoko is called the “game of destroying friendship”.

・ A long-awaited presence

Until “Super Momotaro Electric Railway 2”, we could only rub each other.There was a mecha bomby that emerged from “3”..

I still remember the excitement when the first mechanical bomb defeated King Bomby. Won that King Bonby that couldn't be helped … No more rubbing! "I won't ruin my friends! *The war is over!!!!

・ Light and shadow of Mechabomby

And everyone started using mecha bombies. If you can reduce the risk with some money, there is no meaning to not pay.

But mecha bombies don't always win.Rather, I lose with a good probability. One day we started to lose to Mechabomby. If you know you can win, you can't lose. Despair is deepened as much as there is hope.

It didn't take long for such a bark to turn into hate.. One day everyone was frustrated with Mecha Bomby. When Mecha Bomby loses,Unusable scrap iron"I can hear the voice that says."

That's why you can't stop buying mecha bombies anymore. This is because only one person will be disadvantaged.

・ What Mecha Bomby taught me

The first time you see it, you will get used to it, even if it is a bright light. And when you get used to it, you can't get away from it. The glory and downfall of MechabombyIt may have been the "dependence" I first met.

Including that, "Momotaro Electric Railway" feels like I was taught various aspects of people. It is because of such depth that 63 works have been released. By the way, it seems that a new work will be released in 2020. He / she teaches person more than human drama. Cheers the human game left by the game world.

Source:Momotaro Electric Railway

writing:Seiko Nakazawa

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