Declaration of three and a half rotations on four continents

Shinyo Higuchi [19 = Meidai], a figure skating girl, has announced the launch of a triple axel [three-and-a-half jump] at the Four Continents Championship [opening June 6 in Seoul, Korea].

When he arrived at Haneda Airport on the 3rd, he replied vigorously, "I will enter!" It is the first time to jump in a battle.

Even after the 2nd place at the All-Japan Championships at the end of last year, he is confident that he is practicing every day. He has a good sense of a successful trajectory, and has been thoroughly trained to say, "I have tried to make sure that both double and triple have turned around and failed."

Second participation in three years. Until the end of last month, he was busy with college final exams and said, "There is also a lack of sleep." He studied until midnight, went to practice with three hours of sleep, and was even on the test day. "I'm fine now." The effects of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus spread worldwide. She said that her mother had bought a mask that had "ears to the ears," and she warned that she would not go out.

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