Decline movie starring Ken Shimura

Ken Shimura [70], who was infected with the new coronavirus, declined to appear in the movie "God of Kinema", which was scheduled to star, and his Izawa office and Shochiku, a distributor of the movie, announced on June 26.

The office stated, "Kenpo Shimura, a member of the Izawa Office Co., Ltd., has declined to appear in the movie" Kinema no Kami "distributed by Shochiku Co., Ltd. We will report here. It depends. "

Regarding the new performers and the shooting schedule, "We have not reached a talk at this time."

Ken Izawa, President of the Izawa Office, said, "For Shimura, who turned 70 this year, this film was the first starring movie in his life, so he was faced with great courage and strong enthusiasm. I'm sorry that both Shimura and we are sorry for the inconvenience and inconvenience, so we have decided to decline the appearance this time. I pray and hope that Shimura won the sickness and will be able to shoot again with Yamada Gumi someday. "

"We are very sorry that we received your request to decline the appearance. However, Director Yamada wants to concentrate on the treatment and accepts the offer. We all hope Yamada Gumi and Shimura will be able to be together again someday, and above all, we wish you all the best that you can recover as soon as possible. I'm sorry. "

Shimura's new coronavirus infection was announced by the firm on Tuesday. She developed symptoms on the 17th of this month and started resting at home because she felt tired. He developed fever and dyspnea on the 19th, and when he visited a doctor on the 20th, he was transported to a hospital in Tokyo based on his doctor's judgment. He had been diagnosed with severe pneumonia and was hospitalized.

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