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Deep and glossy. Try the multi-stick "B.A Colors Collected Color Stick Lip Color Blush" that can be used on both lips and cheeks!

A nice multi-type even though it is a smart package!

The key to bringing out the charm of an adult woman is the elegant depth and luster that oozes from inside. A multistick that gives you such a high quality make-up with one“ B.A Colors Collected Color Stick Lip Color Blush ''Heard that will be released from POLA, try it now!

Turn your expression into an instant art. POLA makeup brand "B.A Colors" to be sent to adult women

Since its founding in 1929, we have been delivering all kinds of skin care items to deliver the best things for the skin with personalized care.Pola Corporation(Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)."B.A Colors"Is a point makeup brand developed by POLA.

The concept is "Expression is an instant art." Playfulness, intellect, and a strong will that springs up can be made more attractive by make-up. There are a number of high-quality items for modern adult women who propose such new sensibilities.

Such "B.A Colors"ofThe Spring / Summer 2020 Collection is the fifth installment of Ayami Nishimura, the top makeup artist in New York, as color director. For women who "enjoy change and express themselves boldly and freely," we are developing the ultimate items that pursue color and three-dimensionality that make Asian women's skin look beautiful.

So, I'm going to introduce this time"B.A Colors Collected Color Stick Lip Color Brush" (4 colors, suggested retail price 4,200 yen excl. Tax, on February 21, 2020). A multi-stick that can be used on both lips and cheeks, pursuing color and clarity.

It seems that the discerning watermark texture gives a three-dimensional finish while utilizing the shape and color of the person's lips and cheeks. And happy beauty oil formulation! As a reporter for my first experience with Multi Stick, it's a bit hard to believe that it fits naturally on your lips and cheeks. Let's try it!

Moist and moisturized, one face immediately adult!

The smart stick-shaped package design, which is a feature of B.A. Colors, is calculated so that even the work you make up looks beautiful. Certainly, the hand of picking up a stick naturally becomes feminine. I am glad that there is a corner so it is easy to click out!

The color I try to use this time is "PI (berry pink)". It is an adult pink with a soothing pink color and rose red.

Immediately test the comfort and color development with the back of your hand. With a surprisingly light texture, it gently slides and stretches smoothly. The color develops once when applied once, and becomes darker when layered when wrapped around, but there is no sticky feeling because there is a transparent transparency.

Immediately put it on your lips and you'll see that it gets more and more moist as if you were applying lip balm. I am also happy that it is unscented. The vertical wrinkles are covered naturally, giving a plump and glossy finish.

There is a moderate sheer feeling though it is well colored, elegant and beautiful. Is it a bit dark when you look at the color of the stick surface? I felt it, but when I put it on my lips, I was impressed with the exquisite color that blends naturally into the skin and makes the skin color brighter!

Next, put it on your finger and put it on your cheek. The coloring is good, so it's OK just to gently stroke the surface.

Put it like a stamp and a stamp on the high part of your cheek, and then use your finger to blur it. It stretched well and could be easily and beautifully blurred.

It adheres tightly and the texture of the cheek after painting is moist, smooth and plump. It gives a three-dimensional effect while blending naturally into the skin.

By putting the same color on the lips and cheeks, the expression is unified and gorgeous. Discerning watermark texture gives high-quality depth and luster. The color was good and the lips and cheeks were moisturized over time. Elegant and elegant face perfect for adult women!

Check out the all-purpose multi-stick!

When I actually use a multi stick that can be used on both my lips and cheeks, I am impressed by the ability and simplicity of make-up and become a fan. If you want more adult depth, please try brown and plum colors!

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Purchases are available from POLA shops nationwide and POLA official online stores.

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