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Deep and strong. Rise rises. “Obagi リ フ ト Lift Lotion / Obagi リ フ ト Lift Emulsion” born of a new dimension of aging base care

That Obaj's latest skin care! !

A new dimension of the aging care series “Obagi Kaoru” has been born from the popular Observatory of serum, which increases the basic physical strength of the skin and leads to firmness. Leading skin that feels aging to a firm rise with base care“Obagi リ フ ト Lift Lotion ・ Obagi リ フ ト Lift Emulsion”I tried it at once!

Approach to maximize the basic physical strength of the skin! The latest aging care that leads to firm skin

As the latest aging care line from the popular OBJI sold 20,000 of the latest beauty liquids on the 8th"Obagi X Series]Appeared! There are four items: milk gel cleansing, carbonated foam cleanser, lotion and milky lotion.

Applying the knowledge gained from ROHTO's regenerative medicine research and adopting “Stem Escalator Formula” aimed at regenerating aging dermis.

With Obaji's latest technology to make skin firm, we approach all layers of keratinocytes, the foundation of elasticity! It gives a firmness that springs up from the inside of the skin.

"Fat stem cells" that produce skin tissue move from the subcutaneous tissue to the dermis closer to the skin surface and proliferate, thereby maximizing the basic physical strength of the skin and leading to youthful firm skin that is pushed up from the foundation .

This time from the series“ObagiⅩ Lift Lotion (Lotion) / ObagiⅩ Lift Emulsion (Latex)” (150ml of lotion, 100g of emulsion, suggested retail price ¥ 5,000 each, released on September 5, 2019)I will try it.

Moisten up and moisturize! Lift lotion

When you look at the texture with your hand, it is a little thick, and it feels good on your skin.

After washing the face, take a lift lotion (lotion) 500 yen coin size onto a cotton (or palm) and gently apply it to the entire face.

Recently, there was a problem that lotion did not enter even when using introduced lotion, but this is totally different. It feels like it's soaked in and it feels great on the skin.

Twice is recommended for places of concern.

The skin is moisturized just like all-in-one care with lotion!

This is absolutely good! Lift emulsion with fluffy moistness

Next, lift emulsion (milky lotion).

Take an appropriate amount (1 to 2 pushes) on the palm of your hand and apply it to the entire face.

Familiar to melt, good growth.

A sense of security that the skin is gently wrapped.

Looking in the mirror, it looks bright and shiny like a bath.

This is a feeling of use that can be recognized as "absolutely good!"

The skin is moist and elastic. I didn't feel unreliable even without the cream, so I decided to continue with these two cares.

Feels effective in 3 weeks! Unprecedented aging care series that brings together science

Try it for 3 weeks and your skin is still better than ever!

I didn't know whether it was dry in the morning or at night, and my makeup became better.

The happiest part is the change in the mouth, and the constriction line has become inconspicuous (like a half-thin and the mouth corner has risen a little …).

“Obagi リ フ ト Lift Lotion / Obagi リ フ ト Lift Emulsion” is an unprecedented aging care series that was born by combining the science of Rohto Pharmaceutical!

Contains white platinum, which increases the amount of collagen and can approach all active enzymes that cause tension reduction. It is also nice to prevent skin aging caused by external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays and dust.

I want you to feel the moist feeling and the elasticity rise for people who are concerned about their age skin.

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