Defendant Erika Sawajiri's first trial at 1.31 MDMA

The Tokyo District Court has ruled that actress Erika Sawajiri, the 33-year-old accused of violating the Drug Control Law, will hold her first trial on January 31, next year, for allegedly possessing synthetic drug MDMA in her home apartment. Sawajiri was arrested by the National Police Agency in November, and Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office was charged on December 6. Defendant paid a deposit of 5 million yen and was released on bail the same day.

According to the indictment, on November 16, at a home apartment in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, about 0.19 g of powder containing MDMA in a capsule, about 0.08 g of a piece of paper containing LSD and about 0.6 g of liquid were taken. It is said to have.

An acquaintance fashion designer man arrested for possessing MDMA in conjunction with Sawajiri was released on hold and subsequently charged with no charges. [Joint]

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