Defendant Kazuhiro Snowbo is sentenced to three years in prison and four years suspended

Former Olympics team defendant Kazuhiro Kunimoto, 31, was charged with violating the Cannabis Control Law and violating the Customs Law for smuggling marijuana from the United States. We were sentenced to three years in prison and four years in prison.

At the first trial held on March 8, the mother defendant was convinced of the indictment, "no doubt." Prosecutors filed a prison sentence of three years in prison, saying "there is a high likelihood of recidivism," and lawyers demanded a reduction in sentence.

According to the indictment, he colluded with an acquaintance's man and in December 2018, sent about 57 grams of waxed cannabis product from the United States to an acquaintance's home in Tokyo by international speed mail, arrived at Narita airport and smuggled. And so on. The man accused of complicity was found guilty in December last year of three years in prison and four years in prison.

The mother said in a first trial, "I used marijuana in North America around the age of 14. I couldn't speak English and smoking cannabis was communication." In the past, he repeatedly stated that his wife had been careful not to use cannabis, and he explained that he "had troubled many people". On the other hand, he immediately answered, "I will remain silent." "I don't think that anything related to cannabis is illegal. Smoking in Japan is illegal and I won't do it anymore."

Defendants participated in the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The petition included top players such as the 2014 Sochi Olympic slope-style gold medalist Sage Kotzenberg [USA].

In Vancouver, “Waist Bread”, whose pants were worn down in official attire of the Japanese National Team, was regarded as a problem, and the attitude of an apology interview was criticized.

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