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Defendant stole Apple Car's trade secret, Patriot missile secret also possessed? Found by Home Investigation-Engadget Japan Version

The original incident started when Jizhong Chen, an Apple engineer, was witnessed taking photos in a secret workspace. From there, an internal investigation was started, and thousands of files including Titan-related manuals and circuit diagrams were discovered on his PC.

In addition, Mr. Chen was discovered that he was changing jobs for a Chinese autonomous driving company that competed with Apple, and he was arrested one day before boarding a flight to China.

According to Bloomberg reports, the discovery of missile-related files made the incident a serious national security issue. The US government states that Chen needs to be under strict surveillance.

Chen has been acquitted and has been released after paying a $ 50,000 bail. However, prosecutors have argued that sensitive data found in home investigations should be monitored using electronic devices to prevent escape before trial.

Speaking of how important the missile's confidential information was, the prosecutor said, “Storage outside the Defense Department's security area is prohibited.” Mr. Chen is alleged to have illegally owned confidential national security material stolen from a former employer (Raytheon) for over eight years.

This is the second time that Apple's autonomous driving project, the so-called Apple Car confidential information, has been stolen. In both cases, the same lawyer is in charge of the lawsuit.

However,Previous Xiaolang Zhang defendantHas been suspected of bringing it into China's emerging EV maker Xmotors, but there is no evidence that the information was passed on to a third party. Just having a company's internal secrets is not necessarily a crime, so the quality of the incident is different from “illegal” just like missile secrets.

A number of electronic devices and paper files were discovered from Mr. Chen's home in the vortex of this incident, including General Electric, the former office. Is there any other guilty of stealing confidential information? And we are both worried about when the Apple car that has been rumored for a long time but still does not appear will be commercialized.

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