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Dell Mobile Connect supports iPhone screen mirroring and photo transfer-Engadget

Dell Mobile Connect
Dell's Mobile Connect app has been updated to transfer iPhone photos and videos to Dell PCs as a new feature. In addition, the screen of the iPhone is displayed on the PC, and screen mirroring that can be operated with the keyboard and mouse is also supported.

New features of Dell Mobile Connect were announced at CES 2020 in January 2020. Originally, iOS was supported, but there was no function such as photo sharing, and the function was inferior to the Android version. However, with this update, there are almost no functional differences.

An application that does the same thing is Microsoft's genuine smartphone sync (Your Phone). However, this is almost exclusively for Android, and Dell Mobile Connect is first in terms of iPhone compatibility.

However, PCs that can be used are limited to Dell products released after 2018, and not all PCs can be used with Windows 10 like smartphone synchronization. Still, if you're a regular iPhone user and want to control your iPhone from a PC, it could be a powerful motivation to choose a Dell PC.

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