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Dell XPS notebook adds 17-inch, 15-inch also "almost screen" design? Photo found from official Web-Engadget Japan version

DELL XPS 15-17 2020The XPS series, Dell's high-end and thin notebook PCs, is the ancestor of narrow bezel (narrow frame) notebook PCs and is popular among heavy mobile phones in Japan. In particular, the latest 13-inch model, the XPS 13 2020, is popular in a style that can be called "almost screen when opened", using a four-sided narrow bezel that will become a trend in the future.

And, of course, this screen design is likely to be deployed in other sizes. This time, external photos assumed to be the 15-inch version "XPS 15" and the 17-inch version "XPS 17" were found on the official Dell website. Regarding the timing of the announcement in the United States, it is rumored that 15 is as early as April and 17 is mid-2020.
The 17-inch version will be the revival of the model released in 2011 in Japan for the first time in nine years.

The photo was discovered by Reddit contributor WesolyKubeczek. He found the photo on a Dell notebook workstation page.
This photo is a collection of four models, but the focus is on the top and right models. Although it is a four-sided narrow bezel design like XPS 13, the size of the main body is different.

DELL XPS 15-17 2020

If you compare these two models, you can see that the width of the parts that seem to be the left and right speakers of the keyboard are different, and that the magnification of the picture is not different. In addition, in XPS 13, the keys are arranged to both ends of the main unit, so you can see that it is different from this.

The reason why the larger model is XPS 17 is based on circumstantial evidence that has appeared in recent days despite rumor level. Especially when combined with the data of the basic specifications posted on Twitter on April 1 by _rogame and the attached benchmark results, the accuracy will be reasonably high.

Actual performance is "Comet Lake-H" TDP45W version 10th generation Core i with 3840 x 2400 resolution display (as for aspect ratio 16:10, the vertical length is longer than 4K2K) "As a 17 inch model of XPS It is likely to be a level that can be called "a suitable level."
As the expected user segment on the Dell side, it is likely that so-called "gaming PC class performance is required, but those designs are photo and video editors that do not fit the skin."

Another point that can be noticed in XPS 17 is that a slot that looks like a full size SD card slot is located on the right side.
This is also installed in the current XPS 15, but in XPS 13 the expansion terminal is "reduced" in the 2020 version and there are only two Thunderbolt 3 (and USB Type-C), I was worried that this would disappear if it was updated.

In this photo, it is frustrating that the XPS 15 side cannot be confirmed, but this is where I want to continue.

And since there are two Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C terminals on the left side of 15, and two on the right side of 17, four devices can be expected. On the other hand, there seems to be a high possibility that the existing Type-A terminal will not be installed in the 15 current models.

In this way, the XPS 15 and 17 2020 versions are likely to be models that can be called a large screen + high-speed version that almost inherits the design of XPS 13.

For the abandonment of the organic EL (OLED) panel adopted in the current XPS 15 (is the aspect ratio 16:10 for notebook PC OLEDs an ant?) And for some users, "Speaking of XPS 15 … Is the "USB Type-C terminal but 130W output" AC adapter (which has a unique output that exceeds the USB PD specification) further enhanced? There are many unknowns such as, but if it appears with this design that inherited 13, both models are likely to be stable popular models.

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