Demonstration experiment of housework support service at Tokyu Land "Brands Nerima Nakamurakita"

Tokyu Fudosan announced on June 22 that it will carry out a field trial of housework support services such as “housework agency service” and “laundry agency service” at “Brands Nerima Nakamurakita” after delivery.

"Brands Nerima Nakamura Kita"

"Brands Nerima Nakamura Kita"

Brands Nerima Nakamura Kita is a condominium with a total of 32 units completed in March with the acquisition of “Child-rearing support housing” certified by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. From mid-July, we plan to start offering information at Brands Free Online Business Talks. In addition to a building that takes into consideration the child-raising generation, we have adopted "rimoco", a smart home service that enables remote control of home appliances, and online telemedicine services for obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics.

This time, after the condominium delivery, we are planning to introduce a test as a housework support service: CaSy's housework agency service and OKULAB's laundry agency service "Laundry OUT".

During the trial introduction period, we will provide these services to residents for free, survey the impressions of the services on the residents, and verify the way operations are performed, the subscription of services, and the method of providing services when there is no service. We are preparing a service menu for this property that can be used for a fee at the request of residents even after the trial introduction period.

CaSy's housekeeping service includes general housekeeping and laundry, as well as housekeeping services such as moving packing and unpacking, and homemade dishes for seasoning and party menus. , "Cooking service" is also available, which allows you to wash dishes before and after cooking. Each free offer is once.

 OKULAB's laundry service will register and order from the web, the driver will pick up at home, and after washing, fold it and deliver it to the house again. You can use it as many times as you like during the one-month free offer.

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