Designed for hybrid | Aston Martin unveils V6 engine developed in-house

Aston Martin unveiled its first self-developed V6 engine. Starting with Valhalla in 2022, the company has unveiled a newly designed V6 engine that will be mounted on midship sports cars.

The codename, TM01, is a tribute to Tadek Marek, an engineer at Aston Martin in the 1950s and 1960s. With a 3-liter twin turbo, the powertrain will be electrified. Aston Martin is currently working on a hybrid system development, and Valhalla will be combined with the strongest newly developed hybrid system. The details of the final power and torque will vary depending on the characteristics of the model to be mounted and the time of announcement.

The technology cultivated in Valkyrie, Aston Martin's first mid-engine hypercar, was reflected in this project in many ways. As a result, it was decided that a structure called "Hot V" would be adopted for the V6 engine from the beginning. The weight of this compact engine is said to be less than 200kg.

It will fuse with the electric system to maximize the individuality of the midship sports car. The engine is mounted directly behind the driver cabin and is equipped with a dry sump system. It is also designed to meet all Euro 7 emission standards.

"This project has been a huge challenge from the beginning, imagining what Aston Martin should be proud of in the future, and firmly expressing the respect that TM01 means," said Yerg Ross, Powertrain Chief Engineer. I wanted to do that. "

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