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Deskwork girls have bad breast shapes !? What is an easy care method to ask a bust expert?

Many women should be sitting in front of a computer for a long time every day to work. Actually, women at such desk work often lose their bust shape. Here, we talked to Hiromi Nakamura, representative of the women-only bust & hip care salon "THE BEAUTIFUL", about the "relationship between desk work and bust".

  • Deskwork girls have bad breasts !? (Photo: Mynavi News)

    Deskwork girls have bad chest shapes!

Why deskwork is not good

Did you know that a bust is a part that cannot be moved by itself? A bust is a part mainly composed of mammary tissue, adipose tissue, and connective tissue. There are no muscles inside the bust, and the bust is facilitated by the expansion and contraction of the underlying pectoralis major muscle and the back and arm muscles around it.

Therefore, the longer you do not move these muscles, the less your bust and surrounding blood and lymph travel. If this condition continues, the aging of the bust will progress more easily because female hormones related to the growth and elasticity of the bust will be difficult to reach, and it will be difficult for nutrients and oxygen to be carried. Also, carbon dioxide and waste products tend to accumulate, which is not a good environment for the bust.

Women at desk work unconsciously become stooped and tend to lose muscle strength and stiffness around the bust, which not only reduces circumstance but also changes to the appearance such as bust shaving and shape loss Become. Care must be taken because excessive use of a PC can easily lead to disturbances in the autonomic nervous system.

So what should we really be aware of to prevent that? Here are five points.

A bust care method that can be done in the "gap" time

(1) Set a stretch time between work

→ Every hour, about 5 minutes is fine, so let's “stretch” while also resetting the posture. The point is to raise your arms above your shoulders and stretch the bust base and its surroundings. Shoulder rotation is also effective. Also, keeping sitting in the same position can lead to crushing of the hips. It is also important to change your sitting position so that the same place is not crushed by a chair all day.

  • Stretch at your desk

(2) Let's use toilet time effectively

→ In environments where stretching is difficult in public, use the timing of going to the bathroom. Standing up and walking will prevent swelling of the lower body, and since it can be put in a private room, it will be easier to stretch large movements.

Also, when you enter a private room, it is also recommended to remove the bra hook once and put it back on! It is recommended to release the bust once, which will lead to promotion of cruising, and misalignment due to disturbed posture By the way, it will also fix the bra strap. In addition, if you can relax a little in a private room, try a simple bust massage with the timing of loosening the bra. Just stroking the entire bust, as if gently drawing a circle with the palm, makes the bust easier to go around.

(3) Stabilize the elbow firmly

→ What do you do with your elbows when using a PC? When you look around, you often feel that your elbows are floating and unstable. It is said that the weight of one arm is actually about 6% of the body weight. If you weigh 50 kg, one arm is about 3 kg! Heavier than you imagined. Therefore, if the PC is used without stabilizing the elbow, the weight will be applied to the shoulders and back, and the posture will be easily disturbed, and the stiffness of the shoulders and back will become chronic.

Keep the elbows on the armrests of the chair and stabilize it.If the chair does not have an armrest, place the PC at the back of the desk and secure a space where the elbows can be placed on the desk. Sit close to your desk). Stiff shoulders and backs are a bad environment for a bust. Chronic stiffness can be alleviated by the stability of the elbow.

(4) Effective use of straps for commuting time

→ In everyday life, there are not many opportunities to raise your arms above your shoulders. In such a case, make effective use of your commuting time! Extending your arm to the highest possible strap will lead to stretching of the pectoralis major. If you spend a lot of time sitting in a chair in the office, it's also important to have time to stand up to work.

(5) When sleeping, be in Banzai position!

→ If (1) to (4) are also difficult, make sure you are in a banzai position and extend your arms before going to bed. Banzai's position also opens the lymph nodes beside it, which also facilitates walking. However, if you sleep as it is, your arm may become numb the next morning, so please extend it for a few minutes before going to bed and reset it for a day.

Daily accumulation leads to beautiful breasts

These five are just a little bit of a day's work, but the accumulation of these days has a big impact on your bust. It is very important to have a habit of resetting in the gym or exercising, but with a little care and daily habits that you can work in the gap time will change your consciousness. Please try it as a daily beauty habit to maintain the beauty and health of your bust.

Author Profile: Hiromi Nakamura

Women-only bust & hip care salon to prepare women's mind and body"THE BEAUTIFUL"representative.
Appears, supervises and writes in various media.
A beauty therapist specializing in female hormones, bust care, and hip care, who also conduct lectures and lectures such as “Bust & Hip Care Lessons” and “Beauty Hormone School” nationwide.

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